Rediscovered this classic Checharian entry via the thread where he deleted my reblog comment (after having let it pass).

> 《What I find bothersome of this comment is Jarl’s feminized reaction.》

The poor cuck has no choice. The cuck has no masculine support network. The cuck is forced to deal with femoids. The cuck will see no understanding from any segment of society if he goes and kills his whorish sister and her monkey children. Thus why would you blame the cuck for his “feminised attitude”?

There are no men left. The Aryan race is dead.

…On a vaguely related note, it is fascinating that Ukrainian boomers may whine about their Soviet savings’ being wiped out, and yet they still will not blame their nationalist capitalist overlords that caused it.

Some people are too dumb to live. Some races are deficient to survive. Joseph Walsh would have hated to see a destruction of Asia at the hands of Christians. (A conjecture on my part – he definitely said that Hitler’s defeat has put the question of Christianity vs Aryandom mutually exclusively.)

Amor fati! – The subject of history is Nature, not you or me.

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