> 《…and to make the ‘intellectuals’ of the so-called underdeveloped countries adopt the humanitarian and utilitarian ideal of the consumer societies…》

Here, Savitri is echoing the liberal speech in being afraid to call the non-Westerners underdeveloped (the hyper-Christians have taken a liking to a lying buzzword “developing”).

Yes, the Asians are underdeveloped. There is an absolute scale of moral values – it is measured in skulls. The technological level of the Asians does not allow them to bring fire and brimstone to the dwellings of the scum of the planet. Conversely, Savitri would not have been pondering at the Asian cultures had the Aryans not committed collective suicide – because there would have been no Asians left alive.

These are the trappings of a schizophrenic idealist mind… The only truth is survival! If there is no one talking, there are no words. Conversely, he who shouts the loudest is heard. Of course, he who silences all others shouts the loudest. Nothing else has to be said.

Regarding the Asians, Savitri had nothing to fear, for the remaining Aryans had set out to murder themselves at an awesome pace. So much so the Turks stopped drinking alcohol already in the 1990s, and the veil returned upon the face of the Algerian woman.

> 《…and an insurmountable sadness, that tedium does not suffice to explain, hangs over the world.》

> 《Melencolia is a large 1514 engraving by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer…》

If Chechar is implying the noble feeling of sorrow and Sehnsucht to be degenerate, it must be his Amerimutt blood’s speaking.

《This legend or myth or dim memory of some ancient history has always troubled me. In sleep I had the dreadful dream of the ineluctable Wave, either coming out of the quiet sea, or coming in towering over the green inlands. It still occurs occasionally, though now exorcized by writing about it. It always ends by surrender, and I awake gasping out of deep water. I used to draw it or write bad poems about it.》
—J.R.R. Tolkien, Letter 257

Why else does many a Juche Korean video montage begin and end with the eternal rays of the Sun? As if a nagging question to which the coming world of Noon is the key.

Addendum of 2021-10-14: a myriad of songs in the comment section, my playlist in text form.

4 thoughts on “Reflections of an Aryan woman, 26

    1. Thanks! I have a hard time finding music that doesn’t bother me, even though I do find it sometimes regardless of the genre.

      I used to discover Mantus in my Russian VK days when downloading 255 songs was an ease.

      Regarding the 1990s metal, nothing beats Therion. Not even the later Therion. (Maybe Stratovarius does, tbh.)

      I do like songs that have a certain ambient feel to them, like this schizo German band apparently inspired by Andean music, or Philip Glass.

      Paul Mauriat’s Alouette sounds vaguely similar, but more boring and less exciting, however its historical value.

      As to Pisces, the Irish schizo gaedhal is right, mark my words.

      P.S. The following I already mentioned in the past, but just to finish the song list, Myuu, Innocence Glitches and Furious Angels are what I have in mind. Sometimes I think I should research it more, what exactly I like about them.

      P.P.S. Phoenix Down by The Unguided and Ai Wo Choudai by AOA do have a different feel to them, but it’s so difficult to find anything as inspiring.

      P.P.S. Just the other day, I finally realised that the old Tolkien musical song I heard was actually inspired by Dravidian Hindu music. (Found this piece by googling Кээрэя – apparently some Bulgarian who made a Rhapsody of Fire montage).


      1. I. My Firefox has crashed twice while I was writing this comment. Using YouTube in the year of our Jew 2021 is hard, especially when CherryPlayer doesn’t play songs. If MyHeritage is going to clone me, let them get the songs straight.

        Expanding on East Asian pop-music, K-pop seems to have lost its charm with its third generation. It seems to me ridiculously stale and monotonous since roughly the mid-2010s. Whereas I have always found modern J-pop and J-rock as disgustingly noisy, with an overabundant use of electronic sound. This song, Hibikase by Reol, is a sufficient example; I only remembered the following video because of a sublime use of immaculate thighhighs in the visual. (I have spent an hour trying to dig for this video just now – YouTube only seems to suggest 咬人猫Yaorenmao, owoかや and nya 晚香玉 of the Chinese dancing sluts). Reminds me of Undertale’s Megalovania. It’s as if Japan were stuck in some obscure period the same way the second K-pop wave was influenced by Britney Spears.

        Speaking of montages, here is a perfect union of animation and a Japanese song.

        Now this is a typical example of C-pop.

        Although numerous C-pop songs sound quite queer and distinct.

        Let alone Chinese rap. (There was this one aggressive rap song I downloaded summers ago, can’t seem to find it for the life of me, iirc, there was “tiger” in the title. Lost in the echo. Slipped into the Lethe.)

        And to finalise it, I’ll include the song that I used to hear for the first time in this concise video on the Ardennes Offensive – Rynos Theme by MacLeod.

        II. This is turning into a Spotify playlist in text form (a playlist that I will never finish because Spotify is dogshit).

        1. When TotalBiscuit died of ass cancer, I watched one video of the other gay fat Britton, and there I discovered this marvelous tune.

        2. Something as good I haven’t found in J-pop at all.

        3. Beautiful Lies by B-Complex – I used not to be able to find it at all, unlike with Wodota’s ubiquitous We Are Electric, or YouTube’s Trance 009 Sound System Dreamscape.

        4. A random Russian operatic song.

        4.2. A curious case of a dogshit songs only famous for being popular in Russia in a particular time period.

        5. DJ Okawari – Flower Dance – 2010

        6. A random HGC intermezzo piece.

        7. Of course, nothing compares to Kolberg (1945).

        III. And a few arbitrary songs that I never listen to.

        Kraddy – Android Porn

        Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

        Ladytron – Ace Of Hz [Official Music Video]

        Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix)

        The Hanging Tree – Lofi Remix (The Hunger Games) (heard it in a random camgirl’s VOD, pure lofi, not this version)

        Linkin Park – Lost in the Echo (Remix by Paul Udarov)

        Q-Factory – Eternal Empire (Extended Mix Raphael Tembergen) (heard in a TBC movie)

        Shut Your Mouth – Pain (violin cover)

        Elk Hunt – Last of the Mohicans Theme (heard in the Forgotten Hope <0.7 mod ca. 2003)

        The Rasmus – In The Shadows (Piano Cover) (I actually learned the name of this song by asking about it IRL, by pure chance, but the instrumental is even better; I associate it with a sunset in a dead city for some reason)

        Alizée – Moi Lolita – acoustic piano cover by Mikhail Tovmasyan (yes, an Armenian paedo)

        O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei (yes)

        나 어떡해 – 샌드 페블스(2004) (East German gays robbed a Korean Tsoi)

        홍진영 – 산다는 건 (Hong Jin Young Cheer Up 대상후보) 2015 가요베스트대제전 2부

        김연자(Kim Yeon Ja) – 아모르 파티, Amor Fati (Original)

        P.S. On another topic, I am bewildered as to why the film Hardcore Henry (2015) has been met with such backlash. Considering that 90% of American movies have an equally garbage plot, but without exciting action. I'll write it off as a clear-cut case of boomerism and Russophobia in action.


  1. IV.
    …Yes, this is what I had in mind. You know, in one of the futures, one will be able to upload his favourite songs into a computer, and be offered infinite varions, all equally pleasurable…

    Not to be empty-worded, there are certainly manly songs that I find inspiring.
    当那天来临! 中国核力量! As the War Approaches! Chinese Nuclear Power! (English Lyrics)

    Juche songs are generally of impeccable quality, it pains me that I missed to download those dozens of albums that used to be available on JewTube. Chollima is hype.

    Let alone this beauty. Yes, I consider this song of infinite importance, especially in this slow performance. I’m bewildered as to why normies hate it.

    I used to compliment both of these videos (esp. the latter), but my comments are long gone, for I still was spreading Juche propaganda those those two accounts of mine.


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