> 《The Third Reich made a terrible mistake in not targeting more races for destruction.》
1. Hitlerism was not racism, Hitlerism was nationalism with racist characteristics.

> 《Page 47. The Roman policy: “A good soldier should fear his officers more than the enemy”》
2. That’s beauty. That is exactly how the Russian army used to operate, until they stopped torturing their children when hyper-Christian poison destroyed the USSR.

The anti-Communist Jew-worshipping traitors used to attribute such words to Marshal Zhukov:
《The whores will have more bastards anyway》
when faced with war casualties.

> 《(“Caesar killed one of every four Gauls; if this is not genocide I do not know what it could be”) insofar as the figure included white women and children.》
3. They were foreigners to Rome and deserved to die. This is pure Christian cuckoldry. A foreigner is a hindrance until he is dead.

> 《Page 50. It is absolutely clear that a white consciousness hadn’t arisen remotely in the Roman Empire (not even with Hitler since he despised Slavs when he could start his conquests elsewhere).》
4. Yikes. A “White consciousness” is not necessary. What is needed is a Party that takes power in a White country and survives long enough for the hyper-Christians to go extinct.

> 《This hatred of mine shows how I rather belong to the Christian rather than the pagan “psychoclass.”》
5. Quod erat demonstrandum.

> 《Not even the Nazis would have done that with their people to stop the enemy advance. Together with Vercingetorix’s expelling Gaul women and children from the fortress during the Roman siege, it shows that the Gauls constituted a lower “psychoclass” than the Romans.》
6. The Celts were clearly closer to the Elven ideals of beauty and order. To the mathematics of the Universe. Let the expendable perish. The dead know no shame – when their kin survives. Otherwise, the dead know no honour.

> 《Greatly impacted me the genocide of Italians.》
7. Yes, Justinian was a true gamer. Heraclius, Basil II and Michael VIII were others. I’m too un-Christian not to get flustered when reading about military glories.

> 《It is evident that whites have not delved into the recondite chambers of their souls in order to detect the Monsters from the Id that have decimated their civilization two times in history, including our times.》
8. It is unnecessary. I view the Christian madness as merely another meme, “not better and not worse”. What is bad is that the Aryan race failed to produce any competing memes to it, because the NSDAP was born among the stupid, aggressive Germans, and Marxism did not give way to a Gumilev-esque Russian racism able to combat the remnant, America-oriented Christianity in Russia.

6 thoughts on “Rome: my brutal footnotes

  1. “not even with Hitler since he despised Slavs when he could start his conquests elsewhere”
    Funny that Austrians like Hitler and the Czechs that he despised are very close genetically.
    Austrians are more close genetically to Czechs than to Northern Germans, or the British people that the fool loved.


    1. This is because pure racism is a stupid, impossible ideology. Or it would be possible only in the multicultural America (which in turn is impossible on its own, an America of lean, intelligent Aryans).

      The “duty to be the last” from Helmut Stellrecht’s 《Duty and Action》 is certainly a pipe-dream. The Hitlerian Autobahnen hastened the internal miscegenation of the German races. Of course, a Germany of 80 mil. in 1939 could afford such nationalism.


    1. That’s cute, sounds Asian. But what’s the source? And where do you find similar stuff, if no secret?

      Although regarding the Jews, the Russian/Israeli Jews seem to be based. Certainly more palatable and less tiring than the Eurogays.

      >《…with preference for immigration from Hispanic cultures, on the premises of easier integration of such immigrants into Spanish society, compared to immigrants from Islamic countries. […]》

      >《There are persons of non-European descent among Vox members and supporters. Notable figures of African descent associated with the party include Ignacio Garriga and Bertrand Ndongo.》

      Even my Khazar locals casually bemoan the death of the White race in Europe. And yet I still don’t take them seriously because they are totally anarchic, Christian and enjoy it when femoids inherit property. But the Eurocucks are something else.

      Incidentally, the Jew Soloviev still decries the UN Resolution 69-160 voting results.


    2. The honourary Armenian Sergey Karnaukhov notifies the Armenian Bagdasarov from the Jew Soloviev’s company about the existence of ca. 10 mil. Turkic immigrants in Russia, each ready to assemble at a 30 min notice and storm buildings if their janitors are not payed (22 min).

      Meanwhile, when the CPSU was banned in August 1991, the 19 million Russian Communists did nothing. It’s over for the whitebois. Everywhere I look in English or Russian, I see cuckoldry.


  2. it seems the “Far-Right” Vox in Spain has two negroes among its leaders, it’s ridiculous and cringe. Like Americans say “you can’t make this shit up.”

    I have a very low opinion of Spanish people regardless, including their language (which I more or less speak)


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