This entry is a proper response to Chechar’s Reflections of an Aryan woman, 23.

> 《It does not ‘think’ any more than does a gramophone whose needle faithfully follows record grooves. Change the record, and the machine will change its language or its music.》

> 《The latter cannot think, and it would be absurd to ask them to. They have neither brains nor nerves. They are objects.》

(Oh yes, objectify me, Savitri.)

This is of most importance in the book. What Savitri is describing here is the absolute dominance of culture over a normie’s mind. Culture reigns supreme as the determinant of the future of the nation, above the bickering of the dogs, high and low. Culture is the ultimate power, faithful to none. The propaganda machine of the USSR was unable to stop the Christian rot from below; the American cults are powerless to bring themselves to change the Constitution. Culture can be pushed by the small, can be bent by the strong, but is never wholly subdued. Culture war is the most complex of humanitarian spheres for it necessarily encompasses the entirety of mankind’s achievement.

It may sound Marxist of me, but there is nothing natural about a man’s desires – they all are subservient to culture. When liberals claim Marxism not to work, it is only because the liberals in their infinite hubris consider their own values “natural”. The only natural values are those that in the final calculation lead to the death of foreigners, and to the sufficient survival of one’s kin.

The words are chirping of the birds. It is only the dying whiteboi brain that can turn economics into the cornerstone of one’s ideology, above the interests of the race. This is why I don’t call myself “Strasserist” – it is the mark of an automaton to bicker about the words in a book. Every Asian – Turk, Persian, Hindu or Korean – puts his own country above all other ideologies, and especially those that call for the explicit denial of his own race. But for the dying cumskin, it is in the order of things – be it the Marxist withering away of the state, or Christian universalism, or liberal Negro worship. The Eurogay considers reason the death of the Eurogay – I can only applaud.

There is no limit to the malleability of the normie. The Negroes of South Africa killed their own cattle and starved to death; modern Americans celebrate transvestitism. In both cases, their culture grew so anti-natural, it caused their extinction. So the merrier!

More so, the normie is physically unable to process information – the culture does it for him. This way, the triggered normie is blind to the words, deaf and dumb to discussion.

1, “Soviet Russia defeated Germany with human-wave attacks” – say anti-Soviets, while also knowing that the French, Germans and English had done precisely that in the First World War.
2, “Socialism doesn’t work” – say anti-Communists, while the most successful country in opposing American imperialism has been Juche Korea.
3, “Economy begets culture” – say Marxists, while Christianity has persisted through the Roman Empire, feudalism and industrialisation.
4, “The material conditions determine fate” – say Marxists, while the well-off USSR fell apart without a shot fired, whereas the starving to death Juche Korea persevered and grew stronger.
5, “Stalin starved 3.5 mil. Ukrainians” – say neo-Nazis (such as Chechar) while supporting Hitler who killed 7 mil. Ukrainians, and planned to kill more.
6, “Cruel America has killed a million Iraqi children” – say liberals (such as Noam Chomsky), utterly oblivious to America’s material capability to genocide billions – not realised due to America’s mercy.
7, 1) “Biological evolution is a lie” – say the traditional Christcucks;
7, 2) “Biological race doesn’t exist” – say the secular Christians;
7, 3) both unable to see the tautology, through the wind of the words in their compartmentalised minds.
8, “Cruel child-rearing raises race-traitors” – says Chechar, oblivious to the coincidence of gentle child-rearing and race treason both solely among the cumskins.

In the previous post, I detailed how blind neo-Nazis cannot read newspapers. A mere mention of the 6 million Jews inhabiting Eastern Europe before the Second World War is proof to them that the Holocaust never happened! Their own little echo-chamber, full of vomit and strife.

…Since childhood, I despised dogs as simplistic, algorithmic automatons devoid of reason. Only later I realised that the normies are as vile as the dogs. This way, I agree with Savitri – merely not in elevating the dog, but by lowering the mass man. Still, I will respect the man who demonstrates the qualities of a free spirit, no matter the flaws.

I may not concur with the idealistic aesthetics of Savitri’s masterpiece, but I find it of value in the world of dogmatic automatons incapable of thought altogether – or, more egregiously, in part.

5 thoughts on “The culture war of dogmatic automatons

  1. since you’re Ukrainian, what’s your take on the so-called Holocaust? Did the Nazis really kill 6 million Jews mostly in gas chambers? Yes or no? Please elaborate.


    1. Apparently, I have an innate nonsense detector. I can freely admit when something is unknown, or unknowable at the current level of discourse. I cannot ask daddy Brin about the nature of black holes or the language of the Avars (or Avari) and expect a response.

      Proper racial classification work stopped in 1945. The Holocaust research never began. What can I say about the Holocaust if you have Jews on one side and neo-Nazis on the other? Both are cringe, lying scum. It’s a shitshow.

      It’s like with Katyn or the vaccines. Whomst would you believe: the screeching menstrual-blood-flailing anti-Communists, or the fat Amerimutt anarchists? One word: cumskins.


  2. The last person who could claim that possess ‘innate nonsense detector” is you.

    You wrote “a mere mention of the 6 million Jews inhabiting Eastern Europe before the Second World War is proof to them that the Holocaust never happened.”
    It gave the impression that you’re a believer.

    “The Holocaust research never began.” A fraction of the available material about the Holocaust could consume decades of reading.
    I read some material during a period of 2-3 months about 4 years ago and came to a definitive conclusion about the event.


    1. > “It gave the impression that you’re a believer.”
      It gave the impression I possess basic reading comprehension. And a modicum of resistance to neo-Nazi memes. That video is literally 22 min of a mechanical gramophone’s playing cacophony.

      > “A fraction of the available material about the Holocaust could consume decades of reading.”
      I understand that I’m too stupid to pronounce a relevant to anybody value judgement for either of the feces-flinging sides. Why mar oneself in the liquid? I put a mental seal on this book reading, 《Open when the last Christian dies.》


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