> 《Editor’s Note: Today the internet exists, and we can see images that from 1915 to 1938 (before the so-called Jewish holocaust began), the Jewish press was already talking about 6 million dead Jews!》

Talking about gramophones – this is a pristine example of the neo-Nazi brain – or a lack thereof. The newspapers in question mention the general Jewish population residing in Russia/Poland/Romania/Germany at the time. Nowhere does it imply the death thereof in that number. Holy shit, how can men be this retarded? A dogmatic automaton in action! You can almost hear their stupid machine brains rattle. He reads the words, but he fails to understand the words, in his infinite hubris.

There was the Civil War in Russia, there was widespread famine, pillage, pogroms. Of course, the American Jews would have had rung the bells in panic! As to the numbers – the Americans are stupid and fat, so they never know the numbers other than 6 million. What’s about the 70 million Germans? Or 75 mil./Mio.?

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