Now Chechar has been writing his own pieces for a few days, a welcome change of pace. Alas, it has happened after I took an oath not to submit comments anymore.

I’m not sure what to make of the Latin American situation. It is a continent populated by feral savages. Homosexualism cannot advance there by definition. Maybe in the metrosexual urban circles. But they live on borrowed time anyway. I view Mexico as the seed of the future Return of Quetzalcoatl, of renewed child blood sacrifices. That’s epic and based, far from cucked. What the intelligentsia say is inconsequential.

As to the Tucker… LOL! Try Soloviev, for instance. That Russian Jew is more based than anything I ever saw in the entire fucking Anglosphere. And Soloviev is tame as fuck by Asian standards. (Kurginian believes in witches.)

Checharian genocidal fantasies are as autistic as mine, and that’s commendable, but Chechar is wholly American in his thinking. Rootless, cosmopolitan, anarchic. The Jew Soloviev is based precisely because he’s thinking in terms of concrete states and nations, not in an idealistic vacuum so dear to the American sophists.

The entire fucking idea of even entertaining these abominations known as transvestites is beyond Russian boomer comprehension – let alone any true radical. Even Ukrainian old ladies hate gays. This is not revolutionary, this is basic stuff, and a living testament to how close the death of the whiteboi race draws.

2 thoughts on “Spanish-speaking ‘conservatism’

  1. What do you think of the meheecan animal-lover’s rejection of force and masculinity and his fantasy of androginous twinks who resemble those in Parrish paintings? And his hatred of weightlifters, oh my…

    Meanwhile meheecan cartels execute people by tying them to a chair, skinning their faces, putting a mirror in front of them, cutting their genitals and putting them in their mouths while they bleed to death.


    1. Truth be told, I see no harm in being attracted to femboys, for they resemble a feminine form. As a rule, however? No. As a political doctrine? Nonsense.

      Has Chechar ever mentioned the weightlifters? I myself never took their breed seriously, for they seem gay for the sake of gaiety. Lifting stones for no utilitarian purpose seems exactly what a dying race would do to mask their cowardice, unable to kill.

      > “Meanwhile meheecan cartels execute people by tying them to a chair, skinning their faces, putting a mirror in front of them, cutting their genitals and putting them in their mouths while they bleed to death.”

      (Have you see the videos thereof on 4chan? I haven’t. I rewatched the Matrix yesterday, however, such perfect artwork, even with its being l’art pour l’art.)

      That’s exactly what I deem as the shield of the Indian race against the Native American (=European) homosexualism. The Return of Quetzalcoatl! (In a good sense.) Chechar used to write about the “wild vegetation” in one of my favourite entries on his blog.

      What has changed? Although I will not deny the possibility of stark contrasts in their society. Still, I would only hold my breath for the Mexica if cold thermonuclear fusion were to be subdued. I doubt they will be dealt irreparable damage during the next 20-40 years, when the last cumskins die out.

      …this is why I don’t call myself Strasserist. All whiteboi ideologies are cringe. Cumskins are unable to think.

      (I would even call the Matrix an allegory of the illusion of whiteboi supremacy. It wasn’t so much the computers in the 1990s than the foreboding of the ephemeral America’s doom, after their mates in the USSR had given up the ghost.)


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