> “After the first streak of Marxist enthusiasm, I foresee a plummet of atheistic materialism.” © Alfonso Paso

As with any struggle, the outcome was not predetermined. But the failure of the Russians indeed meant a relapse into traditional Christianity. This is why the whole European world looks up to America – for America is the heart of Christian culture.

Of course, winning for the USSR would have been hard, as Marxism is an imperfect atheism, with its universalism’s wholly derived from Christianity. This is precisely why I posit that a good chance for the Soviet Union would have been a generation of genocidal hatred towards the Germans in 1945. (Yes, realistically, Russia was weakened by war, but Americans could have still tolerated much more at the time.)

As is, Marxism has become another failed Christian heresy, like Mormonism. Too tame, too loving to displace Jesus. And unlike with NatSoc, this war is entirely cultural, for Russia had all the resources in the world.

That said, Marxism has been successfully transmuted into racism in Korea. I don’t see any kind of “withering away of the state” there, nor addressing muh’ “oppressed American masses”. And even in Soviet Russia, such a path was possible – the famous pseudoscientist Gumilev wrote in 1978 about the preciousness of keeping the blood pure. Just like Mormonism, a political will could have changed the course of history. But where can it be found in the cumskin race? The vector points downward.

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