I will reblog this piece, too (without liking anymore, lest I besmirch the beigeness of the web-page). But I have words to say.

Juche Korea > animal > cumskin – the hierarchy.

NatSoc is but another failed religion of the failed race. (The only truth is survival.) The NSDAP failed for a reason. If animal welfare leads to success – be my guest and show me! Otherwise, it is empty schizo (=idealistic) words.

I may sound Hegelian, but history does have a certain direction to it. Failures get cut off and abandoned! Conversely, what enlarges power gets a second life.

Humanism does not mean mercy to non-Koreans, or to the traitors of the Juche Idea. Racism necessarily sets foreigners to be the main enemy of the Korean race – but it does not mean equating Koreans to animals.

Unfortunately, it is the whiteboi race that has discarded every single cultural opportunity offered to it (NSDAP, CPSU, WASP). This way, “humanity” does exist – a ball of venomous snakes! Mocking Asians is the ressentiment of the cadaver.

I am the most tolerant person. Religion is merely a code for a behaviour. One has to make Nature interested – and the dumb machine does not care about emotions, only hard results. Where are the countries of the Aryans? Hitlerian Germany, USSR, USA? How many chances do you think the planet is set to give you before growing bored?

Hint – corpses are not inspiring. Let alone corpses merciful to pigs.
(The pigs will eat your flesh all the same.)


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