Arbitrarily, I chose to answer a Quora question, 《Do Chinese people have superior DNA to the Westerners?》.ûnâi-Tymoshenko

Technology just isn’t there yet to determine the answer gene by gene. Still, one can look at tangential facts provided by history. My opinion – in most of the cases, – _yes_.

1, First, let’s examine the lifespan of each race/civilisation. The oldest Chinese dynasties, the half-mythical Shang and Zhou, hail from the latter part of the 2nd millennium before the common era. Most of the Nordics of the time were savages, and the closest they reached an orderly society was in the Mycenaean cities of Greece – although even there, the Nordics learned statecraft from the non-Aryan Pelasgian Minoans of Crete, who had more in common with the more ancient cultures of West Asia. And in India, the Aryans barely finished the conquest of the Harappan civilisation the level of which they would not attain for centuries to come.

Antiquity-wise, Korea and China win hands down (unless one counts the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures as Western, which they were not).

2, The ability to overcome dark ages – their respective Three Kingdoms periods both China and Korea survived stronger than before, whereas the Roman civilisation of the West lost its religion in the aftermath of the Crisis of the Third Century CE and utterly collapsed in the 5th ct. CE.

More recent example proofs – the century of humiliation both Korea and China endured with dignity and emerged world actors, whereas both Greece and Europe never recovered from the Peloponnesian and Second World wars respectively. Russia disintegrated twice in the 20th ct.

3, The ability to resist foreign culture/religion/ideology – Rome converted to Judaeo-Christianity in the 4th ct. CE, and along with them, so did the Germanics, the Irish and all the Slavs. Meanwhile, in East Asia, Buddhism entered in ca. mid-1st millennium CE, and already in the 11–12th ct. CE, it was being supplanted by native rationalist neo-Confucianism.

More current examples – both Korea and China have abandoned the flunkeyism of adoring the early proponents of Marxism such as the Jew Karl Marx and the German Friedrich Engels – Korea has adopted the Juche Idea under the guidance of Kim Il Sung, whereas China split off on the path of Maoism, with later economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping. Meanwhile, the Western USSR never turned to nativism in its history, and the Western America has been destroying the statues to Columbus, preferring black history months to its own heritage. Another win for East Asia.

The only area where the Mongoloid race lost was in ocean navigation – even though Korea had the best admiral in the history of naval warfare (Ri Sun Sin in the war against the Japanese), and the Ming dynasty of China beat Portugal to sea voyages, the failed feudal ideologies made their nations lose the crucial centuries to isolationism – so much so that in the 19th ct., both countries entered a Malthusian trap, and soon became prey to the European colonialists.

Clearly, the East Asian civilisation shows a better track record than the Western one. Nevertheless, the ultimate judge is set to be the future – the Europeans were struck by the merciful spirit of Christianity, and never used their overwhelming power to genocide East Asia. Here’s hoping the Koreans and the Chinese will wield their future mastery with ruthlessness and vision.

11 thoughts on “Historical supremacy of the Mongoloid race

  1. you got busted with the Natalist-44 account trolling on Chechar’s Aryan blog. Shameful and disgusting.
    There were no Nordics in ancient Greece.
    And Chinese are not even proper human beings, for the size and homogeneity of their population they should have accomplished much more in history, especially in military expansions.


    1. Busted my ass.

      Adûnâi always writes in his unique ztyle, right after he commented there as antinatalist I’ve remarked on his doing so, months ago. Chechar is a faggot amd also blind.

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      1. Still, I didn’t touch upon the sensitive topics. The largest disagreements I ever had under that alias were in: 1) Stalin’s cowardice contra Rezun; 2) Napoléonic Empire artstyle contra Hitlerian gloom.

        The idea of banning commenters seems quite counter-productive and boomer-esque to me – when you can curate on a comment-by-comment basis. It may seem Buddhist/larper of me, but we are not sharing dinner tables in cyberspace. An Internet identity is role-playing by definition.

        (It did feel like torture not being able to use em dashes and enumerative lists, however.)

        I could understand political infighting. But this is not politics, this is shitposting in cyberspace (16chan, too). Yet human nature is the same. As Pelevin said,
        《..своя Фудзи, пусть маленькая и заблеванная, есть везде.》
        《Every corner has its own Mount Fuji, no matter how small and full of vomit.》


    2. 1. Depends on how ancient. Even most Nordicists do not deny the Pelasgian (pre-Aryan) nature of the Minoans, the first civilised people in Hellas. It can be considered a humiliating fact, but AltHype once explained it quite succinctly by how the Asian river valleys had more immediate agricultural efficiency than the still-forested lands of Gaul or Germania. But once the marshes were drained, Europe quickly overtook West Asia in productivity.

      2. What’s the deal with muh’ homogeneity? It can be argued that Europe’s [political] diversity was exactly its strength, all that rivalry among France/Austria/England/Prussia. And then, how do you know East Asia would have remained at the same level for the following millennium, if without intrusions? The first millennium of the common era was quite chaotic for them (two Three Kingdoms periods), deriving all conclusions from the second millennium is myopic.

      3. What you can fault the Mongoloids for lies in their fateful decisions of isolationism in the 15-17th ct. Conversely, the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th ct. in Europe might not have been predetermined either.

      P.S. Marxists think humans care about labour the most, but liberals say Marxism doesn’t work because human interests are never shaped by culture, only by immutable economic laws… Isn’t that fighting Marxism with Marxism?

      P.P.S. I have been scouring 4chan for 3 hours unsuccessfully for this picture, only to find it by a simple Google search for “Manchu rape babies”. I first found it on 2021-07-25, and it immediately struck me as inherently Japanese propaganda. Word for word, this is something Ukrainians can say about Great Russians – lies and distortions.

      My arguments against this image would be:
      1) Mongols and Manchus are closer genetically to Han than southern Chinese are;
      2) pastoralists were far fewer in number than sedentary Han;
      3) Mongols and Manchus were routinely genocided after their respective dynasties fell, so it retroactively cancelled out their privilèged food intake.


      1. the problem is that you equate Indo-Europeans with Nordics, it’s a 19th/early 20th century thing It seems that only you and Chechar are stuck on that.
        Even dumber is to call those Indo-European tribes as “Aryans” and again equate Aryans with Nordics.
        The Aryan peoples are Persians, Northern Indians and Pakistanis, Afghans. Aryans were never white people. Not mentioning stealing and twisting the “wheel of fire” AKA swastika.
        Indo-Europeans did immigrate to Greece in the second millennium B.C., not Nordics.


  2. Dr. Morales also has very few disagreements with Chechar and even less with Natalist-44, also Morales really doesn’t have much to say cause in the end all is useless and anyone who has hope for humans is a fool.
    So no need for banning for peanuts, the answer is funny trolling. The curious thing is that Chechar is very naive to detect the trolling avatars, I have to mention Dr. Morales directly in the fake avatars for him to ban the account.


    1. > “the problem is that you equate Indo-Europeans with Nordics, it’s a 19th/early 20th century”
      Why not? Sure, the Kurgan hypothesis invalidated the out-of-Scandinavia idea, but why couldn’t Nordics originate from Ukraine? It was five thousand years before the Turks emerged in the steppe, mind you.

      > “It seems that only you and Chechar are stuck on that.”
      Chechar has his own racial classification, with “red Nordids”.

      > “Not mentioning stealing and twisting the “wheel of fire” AKA swastika.”
      What do you mean? The oldest depiction of Swastika was in Sumer, which was neither Nordic nor Aryan.

      Survive the Jive has decent videos on the subject.


  3. the guy on the video “Survive the Jive” is pretty much impossible to tolerate for long. He apparently makes the case that Northwest Europeans are largely descendants of the Indo-European tribes from the Pontic steppe. And that’s’s correct.

    But it was the Neolithic farmers from the Midde East – that entered Europe around 7.000 BC starting in Greece – the ones who carried the genes for light skin (SLC-24A5 and SLC-45A2) into Europe, since the Hunter-Gatherers who lived in Europe at that time had dark skin. As the Neolithic Farmers from the Middle East interbred with the indigenous Hunter-Gatherers, one of their light skin genes SLC-24A5 swept through Europe.

    The Yamnaya people (believed to be last stage of Proto-Indo-Europeans) did not look at all like your average Northwest European, their pigmentation was a swarthy skin tone akin to West Asians, they were black haired and brown-eyed.
    Those Yamnaya migrated West and mixed with those light skinned Neolithic farmers/Western Hunter-Gatherers and became lighter and acquired colored eyes and blondism, it happened in the Corded Ware culture and these were the forerunners to Germanic and Balto-Slavs.

    In other words, when the Yamnaya AKA Proto-Indo-Europeans AKA Aryans entered Europe the Europeans were light skinned, and the PIE tan skin was overpowered by the paler trends in the region, and the light skin in Europeans became fixed after the Bronze Age.

    So “the Kurgan hypothesis invalidated the out-of-Scandinavia idea, but why couldn’t Nordics originate from Ukraine?” Nein, 100%


    1. Interesting. Incidentally, StJ has released a video on the Aryans today.

      Although truth be told, I’m not big on pre-history. I’m an utter ignoramus when it comes to genetics. I don’t know where to read up on it, and I don’t know whom to believe. It’s like with the identity of Avars – I would be excited to know what language they spoke, but it’s unknowable currently. Although genetics does interest all the morons in the world, especially in Asia. But I don’t view it as an exercise in science, more as pheromone stench in a battle of horny deers.

      History as we know it is a product of cumskin cuckoldry. After the Aryans go extinct, history will go extinct with us. Bittersweet.

      And as I mostly believe American science, I mentally block their racial science because I know they are untrustworthy in this area – i.e., when they mock Hans Günther and Ernst Haeckel, Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard.


      1. Look Poroshenko, besides possessing Slavic genes you’re also mildly autistic so Dr. Morales isn’t expecting too much logic and rationality from you.
        But on this very article you stated that Mongoloids have accomplished more and come from older civilizations than “Aryans,” so why the nonsense “history will go extinct with us?” Plus, again, the only Aryans are Indians, Persians, Pashtuns, etc.
        And you’re Ukrainian, your history started yesterday.
        Ukrainians talking about history is like some Mexican talking about Nordics or Negroes dining in a restaurant, it’s weird.

        And why talking so much about race if you’re not interested in genetics? Read the latest or the last decades’ findings in archaeology and genotests, it’s silly to come up with authors who wrote their books when boomers’ grandparents were kids, or post YouTube videos presented by a repellent pre-historic looking baboon.
        Dr. Morales is not “American science” and not even write their language properly but he certainly mocks that impudent simpleton M. Grant, L. Stoddard seems a far more sophisticated writer (though now in racial matters he’s obviously outdated).

        You really are a screwed up piece of work. Get professional help.

        A more important issue, why did you use accounts with identical IPs to troll Chechar? and what fake avatars do you think Dr. Morales still operates in that Mexican site?


      2. > “But on this very article you stated that Mongoloids have accomplished more and come from older civilizations than “Aryans,” so why the nonsense “history will go extinct with us?””

        History as a discipline of knowledge? Historiography? The writing of truthful history? I thought the distinction was obvious from the context – every Asian rejects history believing in fairy tales instead (Scythian Turks, Aryans out of India, Tangun, etc.).

        > “Plus, again, the only Aryans are Indians, Persians, Pashtuns, etc.”
        Stop being obtuse. I am using the word in its pre-gay meaning. Racially, those Indians used to be Aryan, but not anymore, after millennia of miscegenation.

        > “And you’re Ukrainian, your history started yesterday.”
        Aren’t ad hominem attacks boring? What a waste of space.

        > “And why talking so much about race if you’re not interested in genetics?”
        Because genetics is irrelevant? Everyone can distinguish a Nordic and a Western (Mediterranean).

        > “A more important issue, why did you use accounts with identical IPs to troll Chechar?”
        It was an accidental, Achillean slip at one point. Chechar was autistic enough to dig it up. But it’s a good lesson in a safe environment.


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