A fabulous entry! Thankfully, I am not a schizophrenic. This 《Be Deutsch》 song carries in its every word the essence of Christian philosophy more than any university course of my useless, dying bitch race contains.

2 thoughts on “On Shelob’s lair

  1. Chechar, the schizo faggot-lover idealist christian:


    Imagine being this retarded. Hitler stopped eating meat after 35 years of age, right after his niece’s death.

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    1. Hold on, I never realised Chechar used the backwards rendition of his name as his alter ego. It’s quite a rare trait. Reminds me of dodging YouTube censors by writing tler-Hit (which I never saw anyone doing but me).

      I’m sorry about the terrible font used for the quotation, I cannot change it with the free version of WordPress – and the quotation is inserted automatically with the link.

      On second thought, the very idea of ascribing the exterminable status to populations reeks of playing god… dash that, playing Nature!

      1, Everything is exterminable by the laws of physics.

      2, It is a particular population’s mission to try to hold Nature’s gaze for as long a moment as possible. Otherwise, the stupid machine doesn’t care.


      Click to access Bretschger_Malthus-in-the-Light-of-Climate-Change.pdf

      Reminds me of these two great videos: one 《Saving the Planet》 by the Marxist George Carlin, and the other 《Lore According to Deathwing》 by SlightlyImpressive. 《The dirt is still there!》


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