I am writing this long a post to leave the past two days behind (of moronic leaf burning & mild cold).

I. Juche Korea has celebrated its 73d State Founding Anniversary. Three years after widaehan Kim Il Sung-taewonsu had dealt a mortal blow to the Japanese Empire in 1945, the Korean people, united as one, proclaimed the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Parade of Paramilitary and Public Security Forces Celebrates 73rd Founding Anniversary of DPRK
《All the participants presented the greatest glory and the deepest gratitude to Kim Jong Un, a peerless hero who is fully demonstrating the new era of overall prosperity of the country and the era of our state-first principle with his ardent love and self-sacrificing dedication to the country and the people.》

Nothing Can Stop Heroic Advance of Our State, Our People: Secretary of C.C., WPK

《Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) — Ri Il Hwan, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made a speech at the parade of paramilitary and public security forces for celebrating the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK held on Thursday.》

《He said that the massive parade represented the noblest respect of the sons and daughters of the Republic for the beloved motherland, and a great procession of victors who created the history of a great country by their own efforts braving through all sorts of challenges and difficulties.》

《He clarified that it was a really impressive event that our Republic has greeted the 73rd anniversary of its founding in the steady path of accomplishing the socialist cause by steadily carrying forward the ideology, ism, social system and tradition which were raised at the beginning of carrying out the cause of state-building.》

《He added that our people have always loved the Republic both in days of happiness and difficulties.》

《Our Republic could have created the proud history as all the people displayed matchless heroism in defending the country and in socialist construction holding a rifle in one hand and a hammer, a sickle or a writing brush in the other hand, he stressed, and continued:》

《Our state and people will tide over the present difficulties with the might of single-minded unity and open up the era of new surge and turn in socialist construction in the future, too as they did in the past.》

he government of the Republic will firmly defend the dignity and the fundamental interests of our people and solve everything our own way with our own efforts on the principle of self-reliance and self-development under any circumstances.》

《We will increase the People’s Army, a pillar in defending the state, in every way, put the defence industry on a higher Juche and modernized basis and keep spurring the struggle for carrying out the Party’s policy on putting all the people under arms and turning the whole country into a fortress to ceaselessly improve the defence capability of the country.》

《Neither challenge nor difficulties can ever stop the heroic advance of our state and our people going toward the new victory of the revolution, led by the great Comrade Kim Jong Un.》

《The speaker appealed to all to work hard for the eternal prosperity of the Republic, rallied close under the banner of our state-first principle. -0-》

II. Here are some fun recollections from 4chan of people beaten in childhood by their parents. I am torn on this issue. In short, idealistic justifications of “muh’ good and evil” seem overly Christian to me – survival is the ultimate judge. That child beatings are outlawed in the hysterical Christian anti-paedophile countries of the faggot West doesn’t help. This is Katyn all over again (the traitor Gorbachev is anti-authority in ascertaining the truth).

Text: https://paste.ee/p/ryW8I.
Gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/BPyjB2P.

III. And finally, NazBol is self-harm. I do find myself as overly critical to the point of self-destruction (in a good sense). I tend not to have any taboos, to break the echo-chambers. This is why I am an uninvited guest wherever I go. My autism cannot let me rave on about the Jews; my knowledge of history makes me mock the Marxist dialectical 《materialism》 (economism).

This is in stark contrast to Chechars et alia‘s queer obsession with Stalin’s Gulag, impenetrable to any reason. To the liberal blindness of the ephemeral and illusory strength of the American Empire. And to the White racist fiery opposition to paedophilia when Aryan women literally walk with Negroes in their streets. To the biological determinists who call Mongoloids unthinking ants, while the Meiji Restoration, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaping and Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism changed each of their respective countries in the root – with the Aryans’ clinging to Christianity both in the USA and USSR.

To crown it all, I’d like to share a sound recording of my voice which I hate – in jest, and in the spirit of self-overcoming – for anyone’s finding this bottle-in-a-sea blog in the future. Chechar, after all, is shy of his voice.

Addendum of 2021-09-12.

Actually, I might sound different in Slavonic. I never expected the difference to be so stark. Although technically, Russian to me is a third language, and I use its Little Russian dialect instead in public speech.

If I’d wager to say, the difference may be caused by two factors:
1) English to me seems like a vowel-centric language, and I always focused on the clarity of the vowels (compare “vowel” to the German “Zelpstlaut”;
2) the only Russian I hear these days is from 60-year-old Marxist/monarchist boomers on Jew Soloviev’s talk show, whereas I would scapegoat the animus of America as wholly gay.

2 thoughts on “73 years of the DPRK – child violence – NazBol is self-harm

    1. Oh no, Zemfira has skeleton fingers. Hänsel und Gretel flashbacks. And her sticc legs à la Asmongold. She must eat meat.

      Regarding Lütze – there is a joke hiding there somewhere involving gas.
      > I meant Zyklon B, not reckless driving.


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