My answer on Quora, the Hindu forum (1, 2, 3).

1, Marxists will say parents tortured their children to death because they didn’t have enough food (but why did infanticide occur equally among both the rich and the poor?).

2, Anarchists say parents tortured their children to death because it was an efficient control mechanism of the priests (but why did infanticide go out of fashion?).

3, Culturists say parents tortured their children to death because of the internal logic of the religion – men sacrifice their possessions to gods, their children are the most valuable possession, so they kill their children (but why did such gods emerge in the first place)?

4, César Tort aka Chechar (a Mexican Nazi) posits the view that parents tortured their children to death because they themselves were abused by their parents (saw their little brothers/sisters skinned alive), and the gods are vengeful parental introjects (the personification of nature is what occurs in modern schizophrenics who in our time endured such abuse that used to be common in the past), so they continued the practice – and only the European race stopped it because of random genetic changes (as modern Chinese still boil dogs alive, and Mexicans torture humans). He draws upon the idea of psychohistory developed by Lloyd deMause.

—Execution cauldron at Deventer (Netherlands)


1, The guro culture of 4chan (NSFW in a bad way – Amerimutts).

2, A Russian 26 yo whore has her hands cut off – back to slutting around!
《Margarita Grachyova, 26, wore a revealing black outfit as she posed for the pictures – showing off her robotic right hand, the left hand that was sewn back on by doctors, and the scars on her leg that were left by the attack.》

3, 《BNWO stands for Black New World Order. A fetishistic term related to BDSM, specifically Race play. Wherein black supremacy over all races (especially white) is fetishized.
It may be incorporated into other fetish/kink plays such as cuckolding, sissy play, BBC, alpha-beta, erotic humiliation play etc.
Usually centred (sic! – ed.) around black masculinity and the underlying stereotypes, mischievously, the BBC/Mandingo stereotype.
Kink scene : Sissification/feminization
kinkster 1 (Black male) : submit to the BNWO white boi, submit to my superior BBC and let me make you my sissy bitch princess.
kinkster 2 (White male) : Yes my black king, I’ve realised my true place in world, BNWO is the future. I want to worship that BBC.》

4, 《About seven percent of dog owners fuck their dogs. This is another big double standard that exists between men and women. If you’re a guy and you fuck a dog we can all thankfully agree that is fucking disgusting. If you’re a woman and you fuck a dog though it’s like there is no victim when the roles are reversed like this. The dog is acting on it’s impulses and the woman gets a pass.》

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