> “Christianity in essence, means”

Here Chechar again slanders me – I never put a comma between the subject and the predicate! And until the sodomites banned me from Paediwikia for homophobia, I was removing such commas there as well wherever I went.

This is actually a poignant point. The Russian language is unwieldy, both in orthography/spelling and in punctuation, and Russians neglect their rules all the time. Whereas Anglophones have always impressed me in that they write like machines, exactly the same and with no mistakes – only the kids and the niggers can be confused at times by such cases as its/it’s, your/you’re and they’re/their/there. And of course, in the more arcane aspects of English such as the split infinitive (not to do vs to not do) and “I saw you[r] walking”.

Aside from the comma between the subject and the predicate, that is. I have no idea why this is such a huge issue for the Anglophones.

…Yes, the Red Giant article by Conservative Swede from the 2000s was an eye-opener for me. The strong are considered evil – it’s that simple! It’s that stupid! Take that, Marxists, counting economic power.

Even worse, the Christian Aryans worship weakness, and are actively trying to lose. Just like the GKChP in 1991 – had all the power to execute the traitor Gorbachev, chose to cuck in during their own coup d’état instead! And in America, capitalism always took a secondary place to Christian love – an anti-racist efficient civilisation would still not try actively to undermine their own lawful and high-IQ population stock.

> “Otherwise you’re a fucking neochristian.”

I actually never asked myself whether Dr. Robert Morgan is a Hitlerian (he’s racist, and that’s enough to me). But now I do wonder how his efficient Marxist civilisation can conquer planet Earth. With the strength of its ideas? Hilarious. Genocide is far easier, efficient and lasting.

2 thoughts on “Adunai vs. Morgan

  1. Here I’m going to use the opportunity to illustrate the disgusting manners of the Russians.

    This is the way Anglophones write, even educated Hindus:
    >”Yes Hindu Punjabis use Gurmukhi and Devanagari for Punjabi. Gurmukhi is a descendent of Sharada, but I think it came from Sharada —> Landa —> Gurmukhi.”
    youtube com/watch?v=UhXdyG8l5Fc&lc=UgyahsaaLw47a_arS_p4AaABAg.9Gvbq2COPy39RvMagGtOgc

    Whereas this style is typical of Ukrainians and other East Slavs.
    Original (part; consider the punctuation):
    Язик твій ляпає, без контроля твоїх мізків ! Раджу курити 40 упаковок пургену і пити великими дозами , можливо запори у твоїх мізках зомбованих прорве ! Що вибрали , те і маєте ! Рабство забеспечено ! То де ваш розум ?! А може через таких як ти , які на елементарні історичні питання не узмозі відповісти а ?! Які не здатні за розумними критеріями обирати керівників держави , а ?! У яких відсутній розум , бачення реальностей в сесвіті і нашого сьогодення у нашому житті ?! Я перечитав багато літератури і зрозумів і переконався , що, іудейська ідеологія , цілковито знищує слов”ян , що біблія – то є підла , кровава , цинічна іудейська брехня ! Про що вам і доводжу ! Але …., сліпі і зомбовані , то не здатні зрозуміти !

    Translation (Google):
    Your tongue slaps, without control of your brains! I advise you to smoke 40 packs of purgen and drink large doses, maybe constipation in your zombie brains will break! What you have chosen, you have! Slavery provided! So where is your mind ?! Or maybe because of people like you, who can’t answer elementary historical questions ?! Which are not able to elect reasonable leaders of the state, eh ?! Who lack reason, vision of realities in the universe and our present in our lives ?! I read a lot of literature and understood and became convinced that Jewish ideology completely destroys the word “yang” that the Bible is a vile, bloody, cynical Jewish lie! What can I prove to you! But …., blind and zombies, then they are not able to understand! Only reality and obviousness exist for me, and fictions, for goyim – slaves (Christians and Muslims) evaporate! say in white – black and in black, white! The Jews will prove to you the real slave life! Wars, viruses, prices, there is no epoch yet, it is ahead! A doctor will not help colorblind people! I will tell you this: , you can’t show a blind man, and you won’t teach a STUPID! Shevchenko tells us about it, but ….! Smart people speak the language of arguments and counter-arguments! Not the fool who doesn’t know, but the one who doesn’t want to know! I have explained to you and added evidence, and you are only slapping your tongue. your stupidity and ignorance of the bible! So this is my nonsense ?! 1. The war in Ukraine, who is behind it ?! 2. Who needs to destroy the economic development of Ukraine in all industries ?! 3. Why do they want to pledge the land of Ukraine on loans to the IMF and other foreign bastards, and their people, for hire ?! 4. Who and why launched the coronavirus (killer – 19) around the world and in Ukraine ?! What is its purpose and task? !!! 5. What is the Torah, the Sabbath, the Passover, the Shavuot, the Rosh Hashanah ?! 6. Who wrote the Bible? 7. What is the name of the god who gave Moses the 10 commandments and the Torah? 8. How old is our planet “Earth”? 9. What civilizations lived before BC. ? 10. What and who is hiding under these groups: the Order of the Holy Spirit – the Isuid Order, the Order of Maldives, the Order of the Tramplers ?! 11. How many years do people live on earth? 12. How many years as a Jewish god did he make Adam out of clay? 13. Where did the names of the planets, constellations, signs of the zodiac come from ?! Who invented the formula for the time we live by? Golen’s medicine was removed ?! 17. Who is Ezra? 18 Do you know the meaning of Thomas? ! The people who have lost their ethnic roots are doomed to death! Masons have not taken it from the air! Draw conclusions! Not the fool who does not yawn, but the one who does not want to know! This is my fantasy and nonsense, or today’s reality of our life, eh? !!! You have nothing to give me a counterargument, because I do not invent anything, I just state the facts of today and also from the Bible, Torah and the Koran! In my collections, there is no lie! , come here to the studio, we’ll see! ryayayaya mutants – zombies! Finally . Morons! Why does a rabbi call such a year, and (smart people) mutated ?! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOgjwOExZsA! Why are there Masonic symbols in churches ?! Why are there Masonic symbols on hryvnias and other money ?! I have given you thousands of proofs !!! Why do you see the world and the evidence of science one-sidedly, eh ?! Throw away all the technical advances you use, including phones, smartphones, computers, TVs, etc. You do not believe in science, then why DO YOU USE and OKHLOS are mutated, HYPOCRITES and LIARS, you are afraid to admit the truth – WHAT ARE YOU SUCKERS !!! Jewish sect, created as a religious and ideological weapon for the conquest of other peoples, according to the doctrines of Judaism. Their main goal is world power and the conquest of living space, and enrichment is a means to achieve these doctrines. Good luck!
    youtube com/watch?v=0l4KfIh8I-0&lc=Ugzg8wbj2b5wbWIc6vF4AaABAg.9L1IAc8bN3y9RvIp6YyamP

    Don’t get me wrong, this is quite an extreme example, and Americans too have their fair share of UFO buffs and Christian Identitards. But magical thinking in Russia is far stronger – a Ukrainian university physics teacher can believe in dowsing, and the Russian 9/11 conspiracy theories are Great Tartary & Fomenko (pseudohistory as opposed to pseudoscience).

    In the end, I have quite a hard time choosing between the robotic cucks of the West and the insane asylum of Russia. Russia may be more diverse ideologically, but it is farther from the Logos. Meanwhile, Americans are all ants (and not the Chinese) – wherever you go, you encounter echochambers. In this way, Chechar is American in his blind hatred of Stalin and a moralistic reading of WW2 (as opposed to cultural relativism).


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