As the 4chan saying goes, 《 jannies are trannies 》 (the cyberspace janitors are tautological to perverted transvestites) – my post got truncated. If my opponent is smart, he is going to check my blog – for I care for the discussion, and am thus reproducing the post in question here for his viewing pleasure.

> “No, he was right not to directly oppose Christianity, and so was Pierce.”

I was slightly ambiguous. Stalin was clearly wrong in his mercy, as the USSR fell apart after his death into a Christian relapse. I can see Hitler’s solution working because they implemented the Nuremberg Laws and the Führerprinzip, established the SS and the Hakenkreuz banner. But I cannot ascertain it, as Hitler gave the faggots a chance to win a war, which they did.

> “This explains how the advance of science can eventually eliminate the need for Christian belief. When man himself becomes obsolete…”

I thought we were talking about real history, not transhumanist speculation. So far, the idealist faith has only grown stronger in the heart of Christianity with the advance of technology – open Wikipedia and read about how race is not a biological reality; that’s when Soviet Marxist schoolbooks used to include racial maps of the world (Europaeoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid)!

> ” It leads to the bizarre conclusion that the time of Jesus and the Apostles was less Christian than today!”

The USA of 1776 was certainly less democratic than currently – neither women, niggers nor poor men could vote. And Christianity ebbed and flowed – during the catacomb period it was more Christian than when it directly answered to the Greek or Russian Emperor.

> “Less Christian, or not Christian at all? Your search for “real” Christianity ultimately leads nowhere. […] You’re just engaging in an elaborate variation on the no true Scotsman fallacy.”

I am not searching for real Christianity, I am comparing different in time and place branches of Christianity. The real deal is suicide; the rest is on a spectrum.

Not really, it is not controversial to posit that nobody dared to call himself atheist, let alone an anti-Christian, before the Nietzsche’s century. Hitler talked aloud of his supposed Christianity – but 99% of Christians will vehemently oppose the connection to genocide and racial purity. Semantics – monarchists are farther from Jesus, theoretical Marxists are closer, no matter what they call themselves.

> “You’ve moved the goalposts again. Christians can sing the praises of monarchy without recognizing anyone but Jesus, King of Kings, as “God on Earth”.”

That’s not what I consider praise, but taqiyya, a pragmatic, honey-tongued lie. You do recognise that all Christians despise earthly order and beauty. It also applies to Buddhists, who alone with the Communists in Japan have admitted the war crimes. And regarding the original point, I haven’t used the strongest argument – that the Christians in every epoch tried to eradicate all Aryan culture, from the mutilation of Roman statues to the felling of Germanic oak-trees. That is incidentally a great case against the Marxist denial of independence to culture.

> “As for Hitler, he did not want to be considered God.”

《Adolf Hitler is our saviour, our hero》
《He is the noblest being in the whole wide world》
《For Hitler we live.》
《For Hitler we die.》
《Our Hitler is our Lord.》
《Who rules a brave new world.》

Also, a previous response to Richard B:

> “And the key words are mentally ill. Basically, the Zionists and Judeophile-compromised whites are Reality-Deniers. Of course, the illness and denial go together.”

But you can never know the true reality! All humans plan their behaviour via the method of culture-obeying. They put their faith in the truth of a particular meme. The élites can certainly try to modify it, but even then they will work with imperfect data. This is why I don’t see Christianity as a mental disorder, but a randomly-generated culture that so happens to infect Rome, Europe, and then kill its host race.

And time and time again, the Aryan race in question has shown its inability to change course – unlike the much more flexible Mongoloid race. It is the dogmatic Aryans who have clinged to Christian love in America, Marxist economism in Russia, and gambler militarism in Germany. Whereas it is the Japanese who enacted the Meiji Restoration, the Chinese who tried Communism and then veered off into state capitalism, and the Koreans who have instituted a perfect idolatrous/Sun-worshipping Volksgemeinschaft.

Hitler als Gott:

Yes, incidentally, this video on Uriminzokkiri heavily features Sun imagery alongside the heir of 한별.
《Around the time the song Star of Korea was being spread, my comrades changed my name and began to call me Han Byol … meaning “One Star”. It was Pyon Tae U and other public-minded people in Wujiazi and such young communists as Choe Il Chon who proposed to change my name into Kim Il Sung. Thus I was called by three names, Song Ju, Han Byol and Il Sung. … I did not like to be called by another name. Still less did I tolerate the people extolling me by comparing me to a star or the sun; it did not befit me, [as a] young man. But my comrades would not listen to me, no matter how sternly I rebuked them for it or argued against it….》—김일성

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