《Our people, whose father is Tangun, have lived steadfastly through the succession of one and the same bloodline, language and cultural tradition for a historical period of five thousand years. This encourages our 70 million Korean people to turn out courageously in the sacred struggle to end the tragedy of national division and to reunite the country, transcending the differences in political views and religious beliefs and property status, no matter whether they are in the north or in the south or abroad.》
(An excerpt from the report delivered at the 6th Session of the 9th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK)
《 We can say with pride that the Korean nation is a homogeneous nation with Tangun as its father.

《 …the Koreans, the descendants of Tangun, who have lived as one and the same nation for 5,000 years, in powerfully displaying at home and abroad the time-honored history, the homogeneity and the superiority of the nation and in bringing earlier national reunification. 》

《 Historical heritage sites were wonderfully reconstructed including the mausoleums of King Tongmyong, founder of Koguryo Kingdom, and King Wang Kon, founder of Koryo Kingdom. In particular, the founding father of the nation was discovered to prove the eternity and homogeneity of the Korean nation and the Mausoleum of King Tangun was rebuilt majestically as befi ts that of the founder king of the nation. 》

《 Mausoleum of King Tangun, Symbol of Long History and Homogeneity of Korean Nation 》

The above is my response to a fellow on leftypol trying to paint Juche Korea as a country which desires to wither away.

Five thousand years… I remember a sly Jewish voice mocking such noblest aspirations. Oh look, found it, it’s a Soviet-Jewish film from 1965, featuring footage from the instance of manufacturing Das Buch der Deutscher (@ 10:00). If anyone knows whether the original exists in cyberspace, let me know.
(Incidentally, this video is a peak into the soul of the Russian – my countrymen absolutely adore such boring voices, they consider them serious and honest. The vague inattention to details is present, too. Conversely, an American would talk about feet, dollars, and evil. Of the Germans I do not know.)

Gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/9qmynrK.

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