Me? ^^

I didn’t want to waste spacetime sidetracking the discussion and thus give the mods a casus belli to truncate my post (as Morgan cannot expand those).

My arguments are slightly more intricate:

1) the Four Words would rather kill the beautiful, intelligent and cultural killer dolphins (like Captain Nemo did) and side with that one lioness who protected a goat baby from another lioness (a YouTube video);

2) the child abuse side of your ideology fails to explain why all non-Christians remain faithful to their race, while your very worldview posits them as crueler than the Aryans – of course, I posit that child cruelty is but an instrument of culture’s Will;

3) and last, but not least, the Hellstorm thesis is myopic – a triumphant America is merely a competing Aryan nation-state, which in turn had the means to genocide the French AND the Japanese, but failed to do that. More on that in _my_ soliloquy.

P.S. I am still grateful to Chechar for accelerating my developmental progress, as I was not in the least repulsed by the general tenets of his ideology back in October 2015. I would have still found Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ and Savitri Devi (maybe not Revilo Oliver and such) otherwise, I like to think. But it only shows how much of a critical free-thinker I am, and how intolerant and schizophrenic most people are as opposed to me – me, banned on both 16can (fascist) & leftypol (communist)! The monarchist Saker never appreciated my Juche company either.

Addendum #1. I want to make it clear that while men readily believe in any nonsense (see Nongqawuse), I do not mean that it’s easy to make them believe. I would posit that culture war is the most complex of human sciences/activities, as it necessarily combines all there is about man.

Addendum #2. Another point – I’m grateful for Chechar’s including my quote in one of the earlier versions of his book 《FRDH》 (2017-18). What pains me to concede, however, is that I have utterly failed to locate it in over 2 hr. of search. Nai elyë hiruva, as Russians say. I have found nvshens and GAGD-002, but it’s little consolation.

Addendum #3. I admit, my autism is a sword of two edges, a stick of two endpoints. It was there all along! Fine words all around.

This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism. —Nietzsche

During the latest two millennia, the White race has essentially been suffering through the toxic fallout of the degenerated Roman Empire. A minor remission only came around the time of Hitler’s birth—followed by the final maddening relapse. —Adunai

1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values. —Joseph Walsh

9 thoughts on “Adunai responds

    1. I will snatch the opportunity to tell you one more intimate thing – I tend to check the recent comments on Chechar’s blog, and it always felt unfortunate to see nothing but your reblogs.


    1. What? I’m Confucian.
      1. How are myjorneybynikolaso’s reblogs relevant to Dr. Morales?
      2. There are plenty of people who aren’t Dr. Morales.
      3. Why am I subhuman?


  1. 1. I hope you’re not implying that myjorneybynikolaso is as relevant as Dr. Morales
    2. In the last 2 years certainly more than 50% of the commenters who have appeared on Chechar’s blog have been Dr. Morales’ avatars.
    3. You’re a Slav. Subhuman is the term that national-socialists like Chechar and Dr. Morales still use to describe Slavs


    1. 2. Big if true. Absolutely huge…
      Who am I kidding? What is this obsession? I certainly didn’t notice anything of the sort. Either way, I look at the content of the message, not at the name. Although I also dislike the anonymous nature of imageboards such as 4chan/16chan/leftypol because it is harder to keep track of discussions without names. Is natalist44 Dr. Morales, too?

      3.1. Not really, the real subhumans are the Anglos (traitors), then the Jews (archenemy), then the Japanese (in WW2). For a National Socialist, Slavs are but wild aurochs to slaughter (and be slaughtered by).
      3.2. I don’t want to appear overly defensive, but here’s a beautiful image compilation from 4chan on the races of Europe.


      1. 2. The thing is, there’s a power struggle among national-socialists in the Hispanic world between Checharists and Dr. Morales’ faction. The funny thing is that Dr. Morales is neither Hispanic nor national-socialist, he’s a troll. Waffen SS Soldat is an avatar of “Devan” and “Devan” is an avatar of Dr. Morales, Waffen SS Soldat doesn’t really exist.
        Does Dr. Morales himself exist? It’s all a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream… Do you really exist?
        3. Waffen SS Soldat doesn’t care about who are the real subhumans since it’s just an avatar wich despises everybody.

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  2. Hey, I’m Dr. Morales. I need to correct some misinformation around here
    The avatar Waffen SS Soldat is somewhat confused since he claimed that Dr. Morales is not a national-socialist.
    The truth is that Dr. Morales is a radical national-socialist, he even crossed the Rubicon a year ago (with great difficulties), and has transvaluated all his values.
    The rest is more or less correct.

    Best Regards


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