Courtesy of the braindead neo-Nazi forum of 4chan’s /pol/ – percentage of non-Aryan births in Europe.
Ibid. – the percentage of native American population in the 2020 USA.
The work of u/EvidenceStatus on Reddit, based on the US 2020 Census data.

It is magical to see the forces of culture at work in these threads – here and there. Who can doubt the might of the Jewish angel? Foolish Marxists ignore his brilliance, and the neo-Nazis prefer to bark at the Jew of flesh and blood – all for naught.

《O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!’ Sondern laßt uns angenehmere anstimmen, und freudenvollere.》
《Oh friends, not these sounds! Let us instead strike up more pleasing and more joyful ones! 》

I have finally illuminated my ignorance on the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, I knew that the Armenian magician Kurginian called them an MI6 stooge, but England is not even good for cutting off a Belarussian’s journalist’s tongue anymore. Turkey! The answer is Turkey. I didn’t exactly imagine how potent the turkroach was, no wonder r/SyrianCirclejerkWar respects them greatly.

The issue with West Asia is that currently it lies in the shadow of the illustrious American power. But beneath, a myriad of actors waits and hungers. The KSA-Israel axis seems unstoppable now, but what will happen when the Occidental race accomplishes its American dream and extinguishes itself forever? The petrodollar is the foundation of Saudi glory, and it will be its demise. Who is Israel going to court?

And here I learned that elementary fact that Hamas is sponsored by Turkey! And people call Erdoğan’s words regarding Al-Quds empty? Now I really wonder whether the toothless Jew will find a shelter.

So, I drew two maps of the world in 2100 upon my older designs – one for a future where Turkey tames and directs the primordial fury of the Arab wave south of the Syrian satrapy of the Persian Empire, and another where this beast breaks free, the way Hitler, Kim Il Sung, Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State did in the past. And what better ignition than the emergence of the final Caliphate west of the Elbe?

In this version, I also tried to underscore the friendship between the Polish and the Russian peoples as the cornerstone of the Aryan survival in this age. The 《Russo-Polish Aryan Pact》 I called it – to bring back the memories of the Warsaw Treaty, destroyed by the swarthy Catholic Negroes a century before.

This map in its two variations is an amalgamation of the two main timelines I posited before, as Russia here remains a semi-independent actor, only losing those parts of Siberia east of Kemerovo, the way Seleucus Nicator had offered Afghanistan to the Buddhist pajeet scum. Incidentally, Mongolia may remain independent if Turkey realises its immense potential and accepts the mantle of stewardship over that far-away country.

Yes, I do consider Turkey unstoppable. Their terminus has proved out to be in Syria to the immediate south, but who in Europe will stand again the roach? Hungary has already raised its racial anger for all to hear against the injustices of Trianon – Armenia has relapsed into a maddening orange revolution right when the Turk is plunging for their throat – Egypt is hanging Muslim Brothers by the hundreds in an impotent rage. Turkey today is alike to the Hitlerian Germania of yesteryear – merely a different race. And to think the Anatolians had spent a century in Kemalist slumber, bossed around by drunk Russians, all the while quietly breeding its population.

And last, but not least, I decided to draw attention to the Arctic to a larger extent, if the dreaded global warming indeed plunges the swarthy people of Cambodia into the ocean. A division of North America à la the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) seems fitting to symbolise the friendship between the races of Korea and China. Just my humble request, leave nobody alive, not even the 《Asian Americans》, those filthiest of blood traitors. Time will tell whether my wish is granted.

The gallery:

Jean Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) – Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs

P.S. © (((Greg Johnson)))
《I’m not racist, but…》
You don’t need to complete the sentence, because everything you say is negated by communicating the need to apologize according to a moral code created by our enemies to destroy us. You are playing against the house, and you are going to lose in the long run, because they get to make the rules.
《I’m not a Nazi, but…》
Same problem. The cure is not merely to rehabilitate racism or Hitler (although those things would help some). The cure is to rehabilitate the white character, to get back to the sheer will to live, the self-assertiveness that characterizes every healthy animal.


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