My hiatus is over! Frequently I felt the rise in inspiration during these disgusting summer months, with a few topics on my mind since early June. But today, I write not about that. Today, I had a lively soliloquy in the comment chat of the KCTV Pyongyang Broadcast Service, and it helped me to sharpen my point. The tip of the spear is also incidentally set to penetrate that old Chechar’s infantile whine about muh’ Eisenhower’s death camps. (Yes, I am a cringlelord; if not me, then who.)

[To clarify, I am an Anglophone Little Russian, and I hate the homosexual Christian whiteboi race of America the most, because they have killed themselves, instead of killing others. The pointy end the other way, White Man.]

[Why do all trannies call themselves Natalia? Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints), Natalie Mars, NatalieRevolts… The last one is a DPRK supporter. So, real-life Juche Koreans wouldn’t probably be surprised if they read this text, they are familiar with various whiteboi schizophrenics. Fuck, I’m using whiteboi unironically now.]

…It is one of the most entertaining what-ifs to ponder for the inquisitive young minds of the Mongoloid race. The past is of course safely covered under the blanket of legend-making, the pheromones which the unthinking normies breathe for the functioning of the state. But the curious part about the dead is that after the stench of the corpse is over, the old bones pose no threat. This is why the Fourth Age after Christianity’s collapse (with the first two’s being Bronze and Roman) saw a relative leniency towards the perceptions of the near past. [Don’t ask me why the Koreans are obsessed with West Asia, they probably realistically won’t be.]

It is the common truth that the now-long-extinct whiteboi had no culture, aside from the fixation on breeding their traitorous tanned whores to big black bulls for the sake of pickaninny monkey-children. But materialistically, their queer civilisation simultaneously gave birth to the Industrial Age of Chopin first on the planet. By all accounts, if cold economic reason had ruled their lands, the rest of the races of the homines sapientes stood no chance, so much so that they were too retarded even to realise the danger.

In fact, the part of the Korean race populating the islands of Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Hokkaido did put up a fight in the 1850s CE, under the renewed régime by the Meiji Restoration. But of course, even they would have been swiftly ended had the Europeans united to crush them. Whereas China stood no chance at all, ripe for rape, plunder and gas chambers, had there been a will on the side of the Westerners.

But I will put the divergence point towards later on in history. The forces of capitalist dick-cutting Christianity breed swarthy Philippinoy as usual. Russia is saved by their newfound nationalist Bolsheviks led by Lenin. Germany is reborn as a scion of the Aryan race molded in the latest biological science under their Führer Adolf Hitler. The Whites scramble for control, ignoring all the future and the past, all reason and all self-interest. Some dress their nationalism in racist imagery, others in internationalist cuckoldry. But the crucial aspect of this most amusing timeline is that the Anglo whitebois in some fashion lose their Christian faith, exchanging it for a racist-nationalist-statist creed of total war and annihilation.

So, Germany likewise ignites a World War over Danzig, gets bogged down in Russia, which Russia is in turn supported by the endless Anglo convoys through Iran. But when by pure chance, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg catches fire and 46k Germs burn alive like those funny screaming Chinese cats (on 1943-07-27), something clicks. The natural reaction of the whiteboi was to deny the Holocaust. But this time, against all the odds of cultural dialectic, the Christian transfigurates to the materialist. The blood frenzy, started by the Jews, turns on itself, and sparks a real berserker rage.

Which doesn’t mean that Germany is suddenly the Anglo’s friend. The Anglo has its own countries and its own history. Mutual love is only possible to be bred by the possibility of mutual nuclear annihilation. Otherwise, it’s genocide time. The American Empire is born. No more love, no more pickaninnies. This world will belong to the Anglo. The cross? A funny relic. Spit on it. Jesus discovered America, whatever.

Geostrategically, America wants to kill every single man, woman and little monkey on the planet. But the Latinos can wait (damn the 19th-ct. lazy men!). Now the priority lies with Asia, the only real continent. Namely, Europe and East Asia. A triumph of either Germany or Russia hurts the American interests. Berlin and Moscow must burn. But in what order?

…Lend-lease is a great tool of making the abominable non-Americans bleed one another to death. Stalin will choke on the American cum and ask for more. But in December 1944, as a gesture of good will, the triumphant Lord Ruzevelt offers the derelict tler-Hit an unconditional separate peace. tler-Hit was actually quite retarded at this point, and didn’t ask for it. But he will get it, one way or another. Lend-lease is redirected to Germany’s Ostfront just for the lulz, and so are all the Westfront German divisions. Stalin is shook. “Betrayal”, he cries. Russians cannot penetrate into Warteland and bleed a lot. The Germs die like the vermin they are, too. Lord Ruzevelt has his sweaty hands rubbed.

When the Germs are preoccupied in the East, the Americans strike the defenceless Westfront and capture Berlin. Which they burn to the ground like the Germs had done to Warsaw, of course. Stalin is told to fuck off because he had screwed over the self-determination of the Romanian people [no, really, that’s what Goebbels believed in March 1945 in the Juche timeline].

The Americans ban all use of the French, German and Italian languages. All non-Nordics are shot and/or gassed en masse. Europe will belong to the Anglo! Did you see George Bush? Perfect Nordic blood, only possible because of the bottleneck founder effect of the best racial stock on the planet. The nations of Europe are set to disappear, their men cucked, their blue-eyed children taken away to the stern Anglo families with pitchforks and sometimes even circumcised. All the Nordic race will be united in fire and blood in one Anglo culture, under one Anglo Lord Ruzevelt, speaking one Anglo language. Fuck the Poles, however, they shall be nuked (on that later).

Stalin agrees to fuck off at the Vistula/Danube line. The castrated coward he is, he is scared into submission by the threat of American force and obliges to attack the Eastern Korean Empire, just as in our timeline. Korea is divided, Stalin takes the peninsula [Americans were too slow to oppose him, he could’ve done this in our timeline, too, what a joke], America occupies the Honshu archipelago.

This is a bifurcation point. Lord Harold Schlomo Treumann, who succeeds Lord Ruzevelt on 1945-04-12, inherits an arsenal of atomic weaponry, out of reach to the non-American foreign scum. The bombardment produces a number of toasty Japanese bodies, smelling wonderfully, with skin peeling off of their bodies like a ripe banana. The low-IQ, mixed with the nigger Ainus Tokyo régime asks for surrender just as in our timeline, because their faggy Ise Shrine priestess told them to jump off the Imperial Palace head first (even though the Americans just stabbed the Germs in the back).

Americans laugh and continue nuking more Japanese cities out of the care for their soldiers. Because if they don’t nuke them, all the citizens of Japan must be taken by hand to the meticulously-built gas chambers and gassed. And it takes time and is smelly. So, nuking and firebombing it is.

Stalin is shitting himself in fear. Stalin is asking the international community for help. The international community does not exist. Stalin is disappoint. Stalin asks his spies for the bomb (which in our timeline, he developed in 1949). The spies are Jews, and the renewed racist anti-German America has already gassed them all, along with the Italians. Poor Stalin. At least, he won’t go into history as a bumbling moron, as in our timeline. The sheer material advantage of the bloodthirsty American Empire is unstoppable. [100k planes produced in 1944 in our timeline, ca. 30k of them bombers.]

After the Japanese archipelago was cleared of all of its inhabitants (no exceptions), the American Empire announces a modern-day crusade against Russia. Yes, you heard that right, not the USSR, not muh’ Bolshevik red menace terrorising poor Ukrainian scum, no – the Russian race must be exterminated. Off it goes! 10, 20, 30, 150 nuclear bombs drop on major Russian and Polish population centres, while the pitiful Russian air force is largely unable to stop them. Millions, tens of millions of yours truly’s brethren are turned into delicious smoky stakes. You’d think it would harden the Russians’ resolve to fight? Not really. A corpse doesn’t have any inspiration. A corpse can only decompose. Which the Russians accomplish with wonderful efficiency. The Red Army does put up some fight in Poland, that’s why Operation Unthinkable formed a hundred cannon fodder divisions from the French and Italian slaves to clear Russian minefields. Off they go.

China? What China? They have zero airplanes. Just bomb them for some time, it helps. Also creates jobs for the based American worker toiling for the good of the Empire. Meanwhile, the Brazilian is about to be exterminated, too, although there’s no hurry, and the process can be carried out by venture capitalists such as the now-not-a-fraudster Elon Musk hunting the ungodly swarthy beasts with a rifle and a tactical nuke in hand. [By the gods, I have never seen a pretty Brazilian, they all look like la creatura, unironically.]

…So, in conclusion, what I wanted to say is that this exotic animal, a whiteboi without a boypussy, like the mythical Mušḫuššu of Ancient Šumer, would have certainly conquered the planet, and the descendants of it inhabiting the Orbital Ring would have had the Anglo language playing on their lips, Hebrew letters under their quills. Instead, that decrepit race had been put down like a mad dog shitting its bed by the shining scions of Juche Korea before the second century counting from the birth of the Great One, the Iron-Willed Ever-Victorious General widaehan Gim Il Song-taewonsu,

descendant of Tangun and Ar-Gimilzôr from when the world was young,
the mountains tall before the fall of Nargothrond and Gondolin,
in world’s eternal history.

6 thoughts on “If whitebois didn’t have boypussies (alternate history)

    1. Thanks. I also intend to write a sanitised and prosaic version for r/TheMotte (a high-IQ forum for true intellectuals). The moment I’m not lazy enough, that is. More news at 23:00.


    1. I did see a number of maps on the topic, am going to post.

      This entry is a response to one of the earliest of Chechar’s points.

      1, Chechar is irrationally triggered by the very name of Stalin, like some libcuck (who at least has economic interests in doing so). Stalin was in reality an irrelevant, neutral Asiatic despot – half-decent in war, useless long-term culture-wise. (Still quite a figure for a whiteboi Georgian, for a dead race.)

      2, Chechar refuses to understand the nature of nationalism. I for one cannot see any metaphysical evil in an American genocide of the Germans – fellow Whites did it all the time. The issue is in the American suicide, not in any supposed American genocide (and there wasn’t any). This is why “read Hellstorm” can only be uttered by a Christian at heart.

      Of course, I wouldn’t oppose a friendship-based ideology (cough Marxism / Warsaw Pact cough), but friendship is not the only way to build a Reich, actually a way of weakness.

      My general critique of Chechar also lies in that he, like American Christians, sees the world in black-and-white terms. Like Christians, Chechar seeks and finds scary metaphysical evil under every rock. Parents are scary, Chernobyl is scary, eating meat is scary, Eisenhower is scary… Rosenberg was oppressed by the suffering of the Baltic Germanics, what a poor whiteboi!

      Whereas in reality, Christianity is nothing but a memetic tool, a culture free of evaluations outside its resulting behaviour. It just is. Yes, it is often transmitted by child abuse – just as any other culture in existence. There are indeed a lot of ways to kill oneself (about a race) – cull all the cattle and die of famine is another method. Again and again, Chechar shows himself to be a nihilist, saying nay to life (opposed to Nietzsche), trying to destroy all propaganda because all culture is “evil” (like in the film They Live).

      I guess, I am a cultural relativist. The only measure of a culture is the behaviour it fosters – conducive or unfavourable to the survival of the population. And I obviously believe such a worldview to be the only sane position hold.

      There is constantly some psychological barrier in people’s minds. To Chechar, it is Hellstorm. To Marxists, it is every aspect of human civilisation outside of economics (i.e., culture and race). To a 4channer, it is a genocide of non-Whites. To a Russian, it is respect for the Russian state. To a 《Ukrainian》, it is the knowledge of oneself. To an Anglo, it is 《kill Ghandi》. And the list probably goes on into Asia – with their arcane Sunni/Shia and Islamism/nationalism divides.

      Oh look, another post, and again I failed to mention any Jews. I guess, they’re not as important as the braindamaged whitoids claim. Oops.

      Slightly beside the point, but here’s quite a profound trigger map of the world by u/ghastly42.


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