A transitional entry!

1, The Unz Review entry by the Russophile Saker has moved me to paint the ultimate map of the faggot Christian navy exercise, Sea Breeze 2021.

The detailed subdivisions version is called to depict the undisputed dominion of the Western colonial empires, thus I set out to mark every little islet in their possession, incl. Navassa, St. Helena, Chagos, the Northern Marianas (which I missed in v.2) and Cyprus (which should belong to Assyria, btw).

The gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/kKY65P5.
The code: Robinson/Winkel Tripel; subdivisions.

2, 《True Himmler》 by the Holocaust denier Anglo-Saxon neo-Nazi with a Jewish name (((David Irving))) is finally available on genlib/libgen free of charge!

I felt, maybe wrongly sometimes, that anyone who has held, or is holding, high office, however rotten he may be, and again more especially when he is a beaten enemy, should be treated with a reasonable courtesy.’
© The British Army medic Captain C J L ‘Jimmie’ Wells (in David Irving – 《True Himmler》, p. 16.)
Class consciousness on full display.

(The greatest Aryan physicist was Isaac, and the greatest Jewish physicist was Albert. Where does the Aryan end and the Jew begin?)

3, Re: the number of Russian PoWs sent to the Gulag.
1.8 mil. returned from captivity:
1) 1 mil. – to the army;
2) 0.6 mil. – to work;
3) 0.34 mil. – to the Gulag.

Incidentally, the Polish armies in Soviet Russia had a noble fate. That is an example of Slavic brotherhood for whom both Hitler and Christian transvestites ought to resemble a grave threat. Yet the Poles have thrown their lot with the Russophobes hating Stalin who saved their very existence! Unimaginable cuckoldry.

In the spring of 1945 the army, now numbering 78,556 soldiers, was redeployed to the front on the Oder river in preparation for the final Soviet offensive of the war in Europe. The Polish Second Army also entered the line of battle at this time, and together the two armies contributed about 10% of the total forces involved in the operation. During the offensive it crossed the river on April 16 and joined the Battle of Berlin. In it, among other actions, Polish units of the 1st Army crossed the Hohenzollern Canal and advanced on Kremmen, Flatow, Paaren and Nauen. They ended their campaign by participating in the Battle of Berlin. In the Berlin Offensive, the First Polish Army’s strength was over 74,000, thus making up 7.5% of the strength of the Soviet 1st Belorussian Front, which counted over 980,000 men when the Polish First Army is included in the total. During the Berlin Offensive, the Polish First Army sustained casualties of over 10,400 men. The troops of the 1st Infantry Division supported by the 2nd Howitzer Artillery Brigade and the 1st Independent Mortar Brigade, fought in Berlin around the Technical University and the southwestern side of the Tiergarten close to the Berlin Zoo.

The army was disbanded after the war on August 22, 1945. Its constituent units went on to serve in the armed forces of the newly created Polish People’s Republic.

2 thoughts on “The map of Sea Breeze 2021 – 《True Himmler》 by (((David Irving))) – Soviet prisoners of war in the Great Patriotic War

    1. These aren’t passwords. The reality is such that since June, I had intended to write a number of entries, but was too lazy to, so I kept reserving them in a private mode. But a few times the article could not be privated, and I chose this mode, not suspecting it was visible to the public. Regardless. Today is the day I write, and not on the topics yet I had chosen at the time.


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