The clash of cultures amidst the burning fires of ruined Europa an den 1. Juli und zum Untergand der Welt.
(Thanks to commandor for the amazing links.)

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6 thoughts on “Europe vis-à-vis Hungary: gay vs. natural

  1. NEETzschean says:
    July 10, 2021 at 7:25 am GMT • 4.8 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
    @Dr. Robert Morgan
    “But these are only different approaches to the same end.”

    Indeed and it’s also interesting to ponder what’s more “efficient”: the global “liberal” American empire or a small tinpot gook nation led by Dennis Rodman’s best friend. The enduring and expanding global reach of America is testament to its “efficiency”, the technological superiority of its model over those it has vanquished and outlasted.

    This is retarded, lol.


    1. Your vision is quite surprising. To the contrary, I myself never considered Nefertiti attractive, the face and the eyes are too long. Whereas I was blown away when I learned that this Hurrem painting was from the 18th. ct. I am totally enthralled by it. I adore the look of zealotry in Roxelane’s eyes, as if moments before exploding the Bamiyan Buddhas. It might not be heterosexual enough of me, but the burgundy/maroon coupled with the Prussian blue with the lily pearls stuck on it feels so superb. And her silly headpiece/headdress whose name escapes me is reminiscent of modern-day cosplayers.

      Her chin? Looks feminine to me. Although I do take it into consideration as a whole package. Whereas most Westerners seem to prefer tanned, naked whores to cutely-dressed beauties.

      (When I talk about the eyes, I don’t mean Hitler’s mom-esque ones. Funnily enough, one Ukrainian writer wrote that the Turks believed that a whore must project a subdued image before a young audience, and a fiery image before old men. I always seemed older than my years.)

      Another curious example of pre-industrial beauty – Liu Songlin, wife of Mao Anying, son of Mao Zedong. Flat nose, and a photograph, but Mao’s nose is similar, and the China of that day was effectively mediaeval.


  2. “On the other hand, a transhumanist future, if it entailed the physical replacement of biological organisms with electronic/mechanical ones, as you have Pierce arguing for above, would make biology and race irrelevant. In making race irrelevant, it offers a way of achieving true racial equality.”

    Isn’t this stupid? Niggers cannot invent higher technology. First, you clean the planet of non-whites. Then, you start thinking about conquering space. And if that entails modifications of the biological organism? Becoming cyborgs or some enhanced creatures, why not? What do you think? Shouldn’t a being strive to the conquest of the universe?


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