The human side of chess, 2
© Chechar

> “I am talking about the emotions that affect the player during the game…”

A game of skill feels like self-overcoming. It’s always a joy to experience the initial fast rise in mastery. It is a mark of a professional, however, to keep pushing through the ceiling ever beyond.

> “…who describe their moods after the rounds.”

Focusing on self-improvement, not necessarily on winning, as the Warcraft3 world champion Grubby ✡︎ used to say.

> “In a short passage in the second chapter I try to show that chess treatises omit the biological cause that some play better than others.”

If it touches on the question of women, it is interesting to observe that even in modern, totally anonymous eSport titles, both solo and team, females have not amounted to anything substantial – for over 20 years. They do exist, but are astronomically difficult to find – such as the Brood War progamer from Scotland CadenZie, who is a female, and who genuinely competes against Koreans.

The rest is utter horsehit. Google “female eSports” – you will get fed with transvestites, Hearthstone (card game) players, and women who exclusively compete in female-exclusive tournaments – even though nobody bars them from totally anonymous championships!

Now that I’m looking into it, I have found a delightful case of neo-Christian censorship – the KnowYourMeme website has deleted its page on Team Siren from LoL.

> “Avoid settling accounts with the existential sting that made you seek comfort in an activity as elusive as the game of chess or any other game.”

Now this is horseshit coming straight from Team Chechar’s mouth. It boggles my mind how he fails to see the irony – if psychological traumas make folks move from their fat ass and reach the heights… are they not justified? All that his abhorrent idealist ideology over the years has managed to convince me of has been that we ought to abuse children more, not to raise pathetic faggots.

Obviously, I understand that Chechar has no reach. It’s not like his misguided direction pains me in its negative utility. I am arguing against blindness for the sake of it – playfully.

Psychiatry a pseudoscience? Why not psychology? How different is a Checharian from a Freudian? Both Procrustean. The gynecologists who can’t recall a face.

And the applicable utility is not narrow – the phenomenon of blindness is fascinating on its own. Take Chechar’s vehement rejection of even an attempt at an evaluation of the USSR!

In a wider context, it is but a subset of the reality of the omnipotence of culture as the hegemon of human affairs. Biology and economics are mere playthings in the hands of a nation’s god. It is he who decides their application. It is he [who is] the subject of cultural evolution. And where does his path lead him? In the triumph, the seeds of downfall.

© Anonymous
On 17 June 2011, South Africa led a resolution at the UNHRC requesting that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) draft a report “documenting discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity” to follow up and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action.

The Aryan race deserves to die. An unpopular opinion among Aryan racists, I know. The German defeat in 1945 was inconsequential; what mattered was the dissolution of the NSDAP. In fact, Germany was a burden, and it indeed was a German defeat primarily. So unfortunate such a decent ideology had to rise in the worst country.

In the root, there is the answer. Soviet Russia was Russia, and Russia stems from a secondary Christian extraction, forever unsure of itself. America, however, will not extinguish its hysterical fury until the last drop of the Aryan blood is darkened. Asia will wait. Ironic, but that’s the reverse of the strategy of doing nothing the Americans once adopted against Juche Korea. Whose doctrine of pure defence, in turn, is best suited for weathering the last impotent onslaught of the faggot Christians. All for the return of Mars & Hephaestus!

P.S. I absolutely adore such quiet electronic songs as these two. (They are not electronic and not two, but I’m Russian, not Laputan.)

4 thoughts on “Contra Chechar & Pro Asia

  1. Why do you consider Germany the worst country? If the others were worthier how come they didn’t produce something even remotely similar to the NSDAP?


    1. That’s a good question. I merely posit that an emergence of an American or Russian Hitler would have been devastating to non-Europeans. Otoh, Germany was small and overly aggressive – the worst combination.

      Currently, defence is the best offence. Letting America kill itself unaided is the cruelest strategy.


  2. I see what you mean and you are probably right. Too bad Aryan America died in 1850s. Did you know that Blood Meridian is an esoteric American National Socialist religious text?


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