August 16, 2021: The Census Bureau will begin releasing data by race, ethnicity, sex, and age by this date.

The wait is almost over!

9 thoughts on “2020 United States census – 2021-08-16

      1. He answered.

        “The book is still being written. I am a slow writer and have been piecing it together over the last three years. The exposition required is massive and I cannot say when it will be completed, but its completion is the one thing I hope to achieve before my death. I intend for it to be one of the most controversial books on aesthetics ever written. I have no idea how I will go about publishing it. I’m just a 28 year old autistic man, riddled with poor health, who lives alone with his mother in a boring English town where nothing interesting ever happens. If the world remembers me for anything, let it be for this book. Cesar and I part ways because he fundamentally doesn’t care about the poor quality of human life in an indifferent and uncaring universe. He would bring children into this world, which is the worst possible world, irrespective of the fact that it can never be the ethical thing to do. Cesar also doesn’t understand female beauty very well, at the aesthetic or biological level.”

        Simon (Autisticus Spasticus)

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    1. Great news! But why did you spurn off Sextus.Julius.Severus on Chechar’s blog? His essay has a myriad of amazing points, and I have been going to reproduce it here and on (in an abridged form). Is this a case of taqiyya/brown-nosing on your part?


  1. I don’t like the black hateful of values Célinean style of his diatribe. And making suck a fuss about the supposed vampirism of foids is bonkers. What do you like about it?


    1. Because to me, Simon Elliot is merely one more quirky and endearing idealist, alongside St. Paul and Chechar. I have been reading the disgusting Hindu Rana Mitter on China – isn’t it fascinating how Chiang Kai-shek saved China from Japan, but nevertheless was forgotten and spat on? Because it’s dog eat dog. Clio is the stingiest whore par excellence who only cares about the cock size.

      History’s only morality is victory.


  2. Who cares about Elliot or antinatalism? I would only like to read a book on his proposed subject. And we were talking about the Sextus.Julius.Severus comment btw.

    What does the shitskin (another brit yeah lmao) “historian” say about Chiang Kai Shek? I’ve read Ezra Pound calling him Chiang Kike Shek in his WW2 radio speeches. China was a soil for foreign interests for a long time. Didn’t he want to settle the Jews from Europe in China? I don’t know much about the subject. China seems weak and uninteresting imo. They will not genocide the Muricans as you dream, we will be here for another 50 years at least, will see who was right.

    Yeah I agree on history. And if there will be no one last race left on planet, what if they all die from lack of spirit, from lack of will? In Christianity, the kikes will die last that much is clear. But if the whites die there will be no more Christianity right? Morgan says maybe not, maybe there will be robots and the mystery meat men will forever prevail and torture Chechar’s precious animools.


    1. > “I’ve read Ezra Pound calling him Chiang Kike Shek in his WW2 radio speeches.”

      Of course, a fascist will support Wang Jingwei. But I view it as a mistake to see the world ideologically. Ideologies don’t matter, unless they’re absolutely suicidal like Christianity, or clearly inspirational like Islam or the French Revolution. This 4chan trend of finding Jews everywhere is retarded. Even the Japanese Emperor might have relocated his court to the Middle Kingdom. Viewing China as a pawn of some nebulous power is ahistorical.

      Controlled thermonuclear fusion would indeed remove the economic collapse from the 21st ct., but even then, the dialectic of history is such that struggle is the law of all life. And if not the Sinosphere, then the Khilafah will deal the killing blow. Or – now this is amusing – the Second Aztec Empire of the heart-devouring, Returned Quetzalcoatl (but give them 500 years to fight the cartels first).


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