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That is one of my biggest disagreements with Robert Morgan and Varg Vikernes as well. I don’t see technology as degrading to Whites. I see it as a tool – we’re just not mature enough as a race to wield it properly.

To think whites have developed weapons capable of mass-murder with clinical efficiency, and not being able to use them against their racial enemies because of a goddamn mind virus, is as depressing as watching a prodigal son turn into a substance-abusing college dropout.

All that wasted potential… after so many centuries of struggle and strife, finally – FINALLY! – whites have invented the means to wipe out the Nigger and the Gook hordes forever. But they don’t use it!
And what’s worse, now the Gook has access to those same weapons, and isn’t infected with the mind virus.
This truly is the West’s Darkest Hour…

In your Alternate Roman Empire movie CT, you should have your Point of Diversion be Sulla’s execution of young Caesar, sparing the Gallic tribes from future genocide. Sulla’s son Faustus succeeds as Dictator and fixates on conquering Parthia. Then, jump ahead 500 years, have the Senate discussing the stalled campaigns across the Himalayas and the Taklamakan desert, when a prominent Senator proposes investing in maritime exploration of the West African coast, then accidentaly discovers South America…
…and that’s enough fantasizing for today.

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He is also a determinist. To me, the question of whether there is free will or not is incoherent and meaningless. I hope that there is such a thing as free will. Alan Watts, although an atheist in the sense that he did not believe in an ultimate God, seemed to believe in it. I think he once said that: perhaps it is both. Perhaps both determinism and free will are true simultaneously… and we’ll see where that gets us! I think that to fully discover whether we have free will or not, we would need access to a deterministic universe, and compare ourselves to that… and access to a free-will universe and compare ourselves to that… and see which universe ours was more like.

Similarly with God. We could compare our universe to an actually existing theistic universe and an actually existing Godless universe, and see which one ours was more like.

However, I think that most quantum theorists would say that this would break the rules of the multiverse.

I think that most atheists would like to revoke Alan Watts’s official club-of-atheism card. What I like about Watts though, like Hitchens, was that he was a gentleman. A privately educated received pronunciation gent. In Watts there is not the crudeness, obnoxiousness, dogmatism and abrasiveness of a lot of American Atheists.

Watts also understood that so much of atheism is secular Christianity. He said

> ‘There is no God, and Jesus Christ is His only-begotten son.’

i.e. that most atheists had retained a Christian axiology.

I wonder what your ideas are concerning the free-will/determinism debate?

I think that most atheists would concede that even if free-will does not exist, that it is a necessary delusion—a “praiseworthy folly” in Erasmus’s words—that it does.

© C .T.

Anyone who has read my autobiography in three volumes knows that among very smart men free will exists, especially what I say about my father in the dream that gave the title to the first volume. It is a complex issue that cannot be discussed here. But it’s obvious to me that anyone who reads my books will realise that my late father could have chosen the good and… he didn’t. (You also had an abusive father but at least you recognise some of it.)

The problem with Morgan and other racialists is that they lack insight into their tragic past. Some don’t even acknowledge that they had a tragic childhood or adolescence (e.g., Hunter Wallace). That’s why Morgan fell into what is known in philosophy as ‘absolute determinism’. But once again, the topic is huge for this thread.

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Now I imagine a depressed Sargeras lying on a sofa while Aman’Thul sits there listening to him go on and on about corrupted worlds and cleaving the shit out of them with Gorshalach. Hopefully Aman’Thul isn’t the Freudian type of psychologist:

Sargeras: So… I’m just cleaving world after world after world with Gorshalach and I feel so empty inside. It is just chaos and evilness all over the Dark Beyond.
Aman’Thul: Cleaving ja. Vorlds Ja. Ich zink you haf ein mutter komplex ja.
Sargeras: A mother complex? What? No! I’m just feeling down because of the Eredars’ such dicks!
Aman’Thul: Ach ja mein little kinder, ein mutter komplex! Zee vorlds reprezent your mutter unt Gorshalach iz your… zing, your… peniz. Vhen you kleave ze vorlds with Gorshalach you akzully wants to have ze zex with your mutter. Ja.
Sargeras: I don’t think so…
Aman’Thul: Zo… tell me… venn did you firzt have feelingz für deine mutter?
Sargeras: I don’t think this is working… I’ll try my own method. creates Burning Legion
Aman’Thul: Aa, zee! Ze Burning Legion reprezentz your burning hatred für dein vater becauz he iz zexing dein mutter!
Sargeras: … casts Fel Blast on Aman’Thul

7 thoughts on “Morgan’s flawed philosophy

    1. Where did you find those captions? And why not use PostImage? (Imgur is finicky, I know.)

      Is there a genre of Führer captioned images? I never though of it. Tumblr has thousands upon thousands of pictures, and yet this fetish remains uncovered?

      I have looked, and have found this. The European date format does arouse me on a deep level, considering it’s not Russian.


      1. I have made those screenshots myself. Liked the narration too much. Have rewatched it this weekend.

        The film is here in better quality (English and German audio, if you don’t understand German – I don’t – the fourth part has an unsubtitled segment toward the end, the English audio comes in handy) than that found in torrents:


        I advise to go to it directly, not read something about it (some recommend a Jonathan Bowden lecture on it, I don’t).

        There was a tumblr a few year ago called putschgirl which had around 30.000 pictures of Adolf Hitler but it went down.


        I will try PostImage, thanks. Also tried imgbb. Imgur sucks and so does capitalist China.


  1. Korea is fine but the white people who like it are weirdly a bunch of anti-racists or trannies. See the commentariat on Phuong DPRK daily videos. If I had a youtube account to address them I would have probably been immediately banned.

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    1. 1. Will watch. It can be found in the Bay of Pirates.

      2. @NatalieRevolts is a tranny and a certified elf-friend. Go figure.

      3. I mostly watch videos through CherryPlayer, and thus don’t usually read comments. But the Phuong DPRK commentariat didn’t strike me as particularly transvestitic. They seemed mostly Latino revolutionary sympathisers.

      (If someone wished to hurt me, he’s better expand on how multicultural China is in essence, how peaceful the Chinese are, and how averse to expansionism history has proven them to be. But that’s why I idolise the DPRK, not the PRC.)


  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”

    Do you have that faggy option Chechar has (he didn’t always have it) for his blog where he allows whose comment will pass? Chchar’s position is somewhat understandable though as he doesn’t like being insulted by Christcucks (Goebbels would disapprove – “Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a German opponent of the Jews”).

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    1. 1. Alright, found it – Settings > Discussion > Before a comment appears.
      2. So, you had the chance to download 30k cute pics, and blew it away? Nice. (TumblThree does it in a few minutes.)
      3. The Ulozto link does indeed have the German narration! The Booty Bay ones have English voice acting. Yodeling at 6 min, lol. I love the sound.

      I don’t necessarily understand the blame on Jews. I rationalise old Soviet anti-NS films directed by Jews as a natural alliance of Russians and Jews. But wait, do those folks even know WW2 happened? See the Buruma quote – something fateful happened in 1942, not 1941. Christian mythology.

      (Obviously, England was key in WW2. But on whom was the responsibility to show magnanimity? Would Nietzsche have found Hitler equal in folly to Luther? Or not? Unlike Luther, Hitler fought against Christianity, but he likewise perturbed what might have better been left alone, he caused a reaction.)

      In one notorious example Syberberg wrote in Vom Unglück und Glück der Kunst in Deutschland nach dem letzten Kriege (On the Misfortune and Fortune of Art in Germany after the Last War, 1990):

      > “Whoever joined the Jews and the leftists was successful, and it did not necessarily have anything to do with love, or understanding, or even inclination. How could Jews tolerate that, being that these others only wanted power.”

      Ian Buruma, in the New York Review of Books, quotes several of Syberberg’s controversial statements. Syberberg described modern German art as “filthy and sick… in praise of cowardice and treason, of criminals, whores, of hate, ugliness, of lies and crimes and all that is unnatural.” He also wrote that:

      > “The Jewish interpretation of the world followed upon the Christian, just as the Christian one followed Roman and Greek culture. So now Jewish analyses, images, definitions of art, science, sociology, literature, politics, the information media, dominate. Marx and Freud are the pillars that mark the road from East to West. Neither are imaginable without Jewishness. Their systems are defined by it. The axis USA-Israel guarantees the parameters. That is the way people think now, the way they feel, act and disseminate information. We live in the Jewish epoch of European cultural history. And we can only wait, at the pinnacle of our technological power, for our last judgment at the edge of the apocalypse…. So that’s the way it looks, for all of us, suffocating in unprecedented technological prosperity, without spirit, without meaning… Those who want to have good careers go along with Jews and leftists [and] the race of superior men [Rasse der Herrenmenschen] has been seduced, the land of poets and thinkers has become the fat booty of corruption, of business, of lazy comfort.”

      Buruma writes:

      > “It is not for his aesthetics, however, that Syberberg has been attacked, but for his politics. The strongest criticism of his book was published in Der Spiegel, the liberal weekly magazine. Syberberg’s views, wrote the critic, were precisely those that led to the book burning in 1933, and prepared the way for the Final Solution of 1942. In fact, he went on, they are worse, for “now we know that they are caked with blood…. They are not just abstruse nonsense, they are criminal.” The Spiegel critic compared Syberberg to the young Hitler, the failed art student in Vienna, who rationalized his failure by blaming it on a conspiracy of left-wing Jews. Syberberg feels he is an unappreciated genius, and he too blames it on the same forces.

      > “Frank Schirrmacher, the young literary editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and the scourge of woolly thinkers of all political persuasions, is equally opposed to Syberberg and draws similar parallels with the Twenties and Thirties. And like the critic in Der Spiegel, he singles out for special censure an interview with Die Zeit in which Syberberg claimed that he ‘could understand’ the feeling of the SS man on the railway ramp of Auschwitz, who, in Himmler’s words, ‘made himself hard’ for the sake of fulfilling his mission to the end. He did not admire this feeling, but he could understand it. Just as he could understand its opposite, the rejection of principles to act humanely.”


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