If he thinks the way I think, he will check my blog for the unrestrained comment.

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“…and others, like Christianity, which are anything but rational.”

Didn’t I mention a rational actor, not a “rational technique”?

“A self-organizing collective intelligence doesn’t proceed, necessarily, according to a preconceived plan.”

It does at short spans of time. Humans can and do plan ahead, and the desire of explicit suicide is clearly visible in modern Aryans. “Refugees welcome” – you cannot read it as “they made what proved out to be a mistake, future is too hard to predict”.

Check out the Lepenski Vir Mesolithic site – the transition to agriculture took a few centuries (04:30).

In other words, it straightaway began to reduce differences between the sexes through differential selection of weaker, more passive, more social, more obedient-to-authority people.

Do you ultimately consider the immense horde of 18 million Wehrmacht warriors loyal to Adolf Hitler feminine? I could make the utterly opposite argument – that the 20th ct. saw the birth of the most masculine man, capable of unimaginable horrors at an industrial scale, of murdering in cold blood untold millions of civilians, and soaked in a stench of millions more dead Jews fresh from from the gas chamber – who then had to be cremated or buried in large pits. Would it not have impressed the imagination of a primitive hunter-gatherer? The only place were your romanticised past could have one-upped the moderns is in own child burning.

“GDP lower? Not according to what I see here:”

I thought it obvious I was comparing the relative GDP – America had 50% of world’s production in 1950, 16% in 2020. A non-suicidal power would not have allowed the upstart niggers to snatch their potency away.

Wrt military technology, there’s no question that the American military of 2020, using current technology, would easily defeat the American military of 1950 using the old, 1950s technology.

The answer can be negative. The America of the 1950s was ready to use their atomic weapons, whereas the modern West is extremely cowardly. So even in your example, Christians are culturally weak by choice and redundant.

“No, not extraordinary, and it could happen in theory, but it failed in practice when tried in 1939-1945.”

That was an honest mistake on Hitler’s part. But again, the values of those USA and USSR are abhorrent to modern America and Russia. A new Führer will triumph this time, be he a Caliph or a GenSec.

“A precept of Darwinism is that every organism wants to live.”

What’s about the beached whales? (A crude example, as they are individuals, but still).

“Where you see a death wish, I see a SOCI attempting to re-organize itself once again.”


In 1856 and 1857, the Xhosa, a South African people, slaughtered roughly four hundred thousand of their own cattle and burned thousands of fields of their crops. Ultimately, this led to the death of forty thousand Xhosa people by starvation. The mass cattle killing happened while the Xhosa people were at war with well-equipped British settlers. The movement was started when a Xhosa prophetess, Nongqawuse, claimed that if the Xhosa killed all their cattle and destroyed their corn, their ancestors would return to drive out the European settlers.

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