I have had the bright idea to mark the lands where the abominable stench of Europe did not reach.

I did not count Iraq and Afghanistan and others among those torn apart by civil strife; neither do I account for Russia and China, as those would make the map too ugly and unwieldy – and because China is too confused to matter.

I. Morocco.
Pro – ancient monarchy, one of the two Berber states, own writing script.
Contra – economically dependent on the West, Sunni Islam, Zionist, capitalist, brief French colonisation.

II. Ethiopia.
Pro – religious independence (Greek Christianity), imperial idea, antique civilisation, own writing script, never colonised.
Contra – domestic tribal instability, racial inferiority.

III. Israel.
Pro – the daemon possessing the Aryan corpse, animating the hatred of all Islam, own writing script, own religion, deep history, atomic weapon.
Contra – inability to bring forth the final solution to the Palestinian question, residual Christian transvestitism, undesirable genetic traits, small size.

IV. Saudi Arabia.
Pro – Salafi Islam, Sharif of Makkah, condominium over West Asia with Israel, Internet censorship, beheading, never colonised.
Contra – desert without culture, petrodollar-based kingdom, Zionist, slavery.

V. Iran.
Pro – ancient imperial tradition, national Shia Islam, anti-Americanism, Internet censorship, never colonised, domestic drone production.
Contra – Islam, divided loyalties, foreign writing script, multiculturalism, too racially inferior to acquire atomic weapon or ICBM.

VI. Syria.
Pro – third oldest civilisation on the planet, the youngest nation-state, undivided loyalties, anti-Americanism.
Contra – Islam, multiculturalism, foreign writing script, brief French colonisation.

VII. Thailand.
Pro – unique religion (Theravada Buddhism), old kingdom, moderately civilised, politically neutral, never colonised.
Contra – racial inferiority, half-foreign writing script, capitalism, non-Christian transvestitism.

VIII. DPR of Juche Korea.
Pro – 5 millennia of history, Chollima, Chondoism, Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, anti-Americanism, international socialism, own writing system, Kwangmyong, atheism, atomic weapon, ICBM.
Contra – southern half of the country occupied and settled by Christians, briefly colonised by non-Europeans.

Honourable mentions:
I. Belarus – the last nation-state in Europe, full of Christian spies and sympathisers, filthy Cyrillic writing script users.
II. Turkey – old Greek imperial burden, filthy Latin writing script users, MI6 glowniggers.
III. Turkmenistan – decent Asiatic autocracy, Internet censorship, desert without culture, small size.
IV. Eritrea – militarism, national socialism, own writing script, desert without culture, colonised, small size.
V. Bhutan & Nepal – never colonised, proud mountain communist monarchies, now client-states of India/China, small size.
VI. Vietnam & Cuba – used to form an anti-American alliance with the DPRK, now sold out, colonised, filthy Latin script users.
VII. Burma – genocidal Buddhism, Internet censorship, militarism, anti-Americanism, weak central authority, annoying English name change, colonised, half-foreign writing script.
VIII. Japan – used to be the only non-European Great Power, now occupied but not settled by Christians, politically idiotic, foreign Buddhist religion, half-foreign writing script.

Code: https://pastebin.com/NG1FMgbe.
Gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/wTPYypV.

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