Jack Frost = Dr. Robert Morgan != Spahn Ranch != Krist Krusher.

An impeccable meta-article by Chechar (it’s in the URL, stupid!).

© Anon
> I think a similar dynamic played out in the Third Reich, there were many such reactionaries who ended up being traitors, unless they were purged early enough. The Reich would have won the war if it weren’t for traitors who were often influenced by their Christian morality.

Naïve and somewhat true. Of course, the Third Reich lost because it was too aggressive and haughty.

© C .T.
> Wherever the clip is, there won’t be Revolution until Americans suffer severely, something that not even the collapse of the dollar will do. Perhaps the collapse along with an anti-white regime similar to what Stalin’s willing executioners did against ethnic Russians?

What a load of HORSESHIT. It is Stalin who has been lied about, not Hitler! And any normal human would have picked Gorbachev as the example of a leader whose betrayal caused his people untold suffering.

When César Tort fails to see the triumph of Stalin, he becomes akin to the Christians who deny worshipping a god of the Jews. (Yes, Stalin’s designs ultimately saw no future, but the entire Aryan race has perished, beggars can’t be choosers, he belongs in the pantheon of our heroes.)

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