==Funny Jokes==

> “…the Mormont girl, who still doesn’t menstruate because of how young she is…”

I cannot pass up this hilarious opportunity. It’s a matter of perspective. This statement to me sounds a bit like the following:

> “…the distances travelled so quickly because of how supersonically fast the dragons fly…”

> “the character cast shrivelled and political intrigue withered because of D&D’s artistic vision’s bankruptcy”

> “the Mormont girl, who still doesn’t menstruate because the show doesn’t take its time for the characters to mature and instead happens over a week”

Now the mic goes again to C.T.

> “With these TV messages, should we be surprised that adolescent girls have become so insolent?”

Should we beat little girls into submission? Really makes you think.

> “Politically correct directors seem to be reluctant to film a man riding a woman: their mission is to reverse reality even in bed.”

Does Chechar never get the impression that the cowgirl position is less demanding on the man and thus more servile from the position of a woman? Especially in character for the laid-back but sure of himself sellsword Bronn. (Although I don’t remember that particular scene; Bronn was already dead as a character at that point. Then later he appears arbitrarily in a tavern with a crossbow – something from a horror movie, a horror of bad writing.)

> “Then we see a third feminist scene when Theon rescues Yara from Euron’s ship…”

How is it feminism if there are no men concerned? I lost all interest in Theon when Theon lost his balls (no homo).

On another note, my personal pet peeve with the film series (or show, as Americans call it) is that Podrick did not become king of kings. Got cucked by the transvestite Brienne. That is unfortunate and offensive to all the pods out there.

One thought on “Winterfell

  1. Wouldn’t be better if Chechar analyzed films like Dovzhenko and Solntseva’s The Enchanted Desna?

    I cannot watch contemporary films (there are a few exceptions though) because of how they reek of fakeness (like Tarkovsky haha) and the cinematography is always so ugly.


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