“y Arriaga” sounds like the Japanese surname “Ariga”.

> “If the Christian psychoclass was regressive why did the Roman psychoclass not maintain domination?”

Incidentally, AmericanusRex in the comments put forward a concise critique of deMausian psychihistory.

> “The flaw in such criticism is shown in my comparison with today’s Muslims and the more advanced Europeans (Europeans who nowadays are mentally ill, IMO).”

It may be awkward wording, but it may also be schizophrenia. Mental illness equates racial superiority! Nay, even more ironic, mental illness equates higher mental state (psychoclass)!

Something has clearly gone wrong with the Europeans. An historian would try to uncover the secret – and a secularisation of Christianity in the Industrial Age would be satisfactory. Instead, the racist psychohistorian tries to blame the folie en masse on… child abuse, which by his own admission, 1) was more severe in the past; 2) is more severe among the non-Europeans!

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