1. > “[César Tort:] Suffice it to say that while Christian ethics is the basic aetiology of the dark hour, in cases of abject self-hatred like the Antifas I could assure that they were devastated by their parents, and presently are transferring their wrath onto a scapegoat: their own race.”

Total nonsense. Easily found incorrect by examining non-Aryan populations – they exhibit no comparable self-hatred and little self-destructive behaviours – quite inside trial & error margins.

2. > “[Fuerle:] They settled on women, homosexuals, and minorities.”

Nonsense. The idea became thinkable only due to Christian programming. A thought experiment – what if the hated Frankfurt School taught Aryans to walk on their hands? That would be inconceivable. But empowering sodomites is not.

3. > “[Fuerle:] If you have been reading this book, you know that egalitarianism is clearly false—populations are not genetically the same and that is obvious even to small children.”

What a stupid angle of attack. Similar and dissimilar to what end? Running an efficient civilisation?! Where is racism in an efficient civilisation? Only in valuing the Aryan as a useful tool, a high-IQ machine for some higher purpose – which apparently is assumed as production of goods and upholding the law.

The issue is that non-Aryans offer zero utility to an Aryan civilisation – outside of a few Elf-friends, so to say.

And talking about the meaning of life – Marxism’s end goal was a peace of mind coupled with self-development. But capitalist Protestants are of course obsessed with putting a price tag on everything. It has always been anti-music to my ears to hear “a 10 billion USD telescope”. What price is there for foreigners?

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