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@Tomislav_Sunich I have a question to you (I hope its relevance to the topic to be visible). You seem to be an anti-Communist, and you tend disparagingly to refer to the states before the fall of 1991. I ask you – Why is that?

I will not deny that Russian Socialism had idealist underpinnings where economics was valued over blood, and yet, how can you not see the healthy reality of the Soviet system? That every kind of anti-Sovietism turned out to be much, much worse? That the hatred of Communism is merely an Eastern European form of Christian self-destruction? That the loss of a belief in the Party line was a spawn of American anarchist debauchery, of insidious Christian influence seeping in through the cracks in the Iron Curtain?

The Warsaw Pact had strong states, mighty armies, fertile women. The ideology was officially and explicitly atheist. School textbooks had pimitive racial maps (still had in the 2000s Ukraine). They might have helped Africans and Chinese, but at least, they were not importing immigrants. And for sure, they were worshipping neither Jesus nor Israel.

In my view, the Soviet Europe was kindred of the Faustian Spirit. Its failure is the failure of Europe. Modern Americans are the total opposite – their hysterical, ignorant and darkness-worshipping religion is growing reinvigorated with every passing year. Whereas the antiquated, noble and naïve Soviets were losing to this degeneracy – and thus I will blame Communism, but only for its insufficient hatred towards Christianity within and America without.

Brejnev’s funeral was the doom of Europe. Where can you see such splendour now? Such impeccable execution of Chopin’s March? All European countries wither and die. A miraculous eucatastrophe alone can break this spell.


One thought on “A eulogy for the USSR & Soviet Europe

  1. I deeply dislike socialist realism and the DPRK architecture to be honest, but you have a real point. Communism was much better than Jewmerican cacapipitalism. My grandfather told me many times that Romania looked much better in 1985 than today and in 1970 than in 1985. I can tell you that the countryside was in better condition, more animated, when I was 7 than 15 years later. Jewmericanism kills life.

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