Four days ago, did I encounter the Ukrainian subhuman par excellence. During a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, I witnessed the quintessential barbarian, incomparable in the history of man – the Huns of Attila’s court could speak Latin, and the Africans care deeply about their reception amongst the free nations of the world. Not so Ukrainians!

The culprit is Alexey Goncharenko, a Ukrainian envoy to the Council of Europe. When he was given the floor, he abused the naïveté of his audience, and pulled up a flag of Ukraine, turning his address into a mockery of all international customs.

I have preserved the video of this performance on BitChute. I can analyze the speech in a few points.

1, Why does he pronounce the word Merkel with an unmistakable Russian accent? Not German, not English – Russian!
2, Artificial intellect? I see that he’s the butcher of Odessa and a gopnik, but how difficult is it to learn a word before going on stage?
3, Mispronouncing sovereignty – the central axis of his speech.
4, I took with myself this flag – now this is where the car crash begins. Utterly unaware of his surroundings, he pulls up the flag, for all to witness his precious patriotism, in total disobedience of law and order.
5, Just take a look at this flag, he says, disrespectfully ignoring the host of the meeting.
6, What’s the problem? It’s our national flag… – he keeps blabbering on and on, interrupting the President of the Assembly, unable to stop his verbal diarrhoea.

I accept that he had been rehearsing this disgusting stunt the way all little kids in Russia do in middle school, but this is much more – he is blind at this point. Blind and deaf. He has no awareness of his surroundings. He has been lost to the Ukrainian animus. Which is apparently less civilised than Africa. Ukraine truly is an Aryan land – only the Hindus alone on the planet can be this abhorrent and disrespectful, and so callous of their nation’s standing amongst the free peoples.

Rik Daems, a Belgian painter, wine trader and politician, is distraught at the sight of this travesty. He clearly possesses the remains of the gravitas of old Europe. I can fully imagine the wrath he must feel when encountered with this petulant outburst of a mass-murderer’s psychosis. Had I been in his place, I would not have missed an opportunity to call in the guards to remove the madman.

This scene is so surreal, only the depths of the debauched Russian cinematic art can cast light on its mystery. I thought of the classic Russian film The Green Elephant (1999). One can draw a comparison between the Ukrainian Maidan movement and how Sergey Pakhomov’s character is bringing the “sweet bread” of Eurointegration to Russia – the infuriated Vladimir Epifantsev, who, while maybe in prison, has not yet acquired a taste for faeces.

P.S. “While maybe in prison” is a Russian construct which would roughly mean “no matter that in prison”.

5 thoughts on “The infuriating verbal diarrhoea of the Ukrainian subhuman

    1. Nothing. It’s psychology of which I know little. But I do know that Ukrainians are used to talking like that, to shouting their slogans and creeds. The Ukrainian Jew Dmitry Gordon speaks like that – even on Russian television. Deaf, unaware, pathetic and aggressive.

      > “They are Ukrainian citizens who made a mistake, they will tear their Russian passports and throw them in a rubbish bin.” (11:30)

      P.S. I had only heard terrible things about the Echo of Moscow broadcasting network, but these interviewers proved out to be fascinatingly Russophile. I can feel their pain when they try to counter Gordon’s mad ramblings with facts and logic.

      In addition to all this, a correction must be taken into account that all non-Anglos seem to have little perception for conducting a well-mannered discourse, or at least, their manners are much wilder. As I see it, Westerners have two registers – common speech and academic, whereas Russians have swearing and common speech.

      P.P.S. That video has banned the word “Gordon” (“Гордон”) in the comments. I love YouTube censorship, but this is next-level, as Gordon is the interviewee. And of course, nobody is evading the shadowban by writing “Grdn” – normies are too stupid to realise their comments don’t go through. A match made in heaven.


  1. Today I went to an interview to get a stupid job. When I get there what do I see? A turkroach and a fucking nigger, employees! A cute foid comes to ask me questions, yadda yadda and then I ask her: why so many ethnicities here? She loses her voice for ten seconds, she is astounded, the bitch saw a racist for the first time in her life. She regains her voice and tells me smiling “we are not racists here”. Wanted to explain her what racism is but I’ve realised that the enterprise would have proved useless. And she still wanted to hire me lmao. What a fucking joke of a country. What is the difference between the East and Jewmerica at this point?

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    1. Are there Negroes in Romania? That’s mightily unfortunate.

      > “Thus he spoke to Círdan the Shipwright: “The Evil of the North has defiled the springs of Sirion, and my power withdraws from the fingers of the flowing waters. But a worse thing is yet to come forth. Say therefore to the Lord of Nargothrond: Shut the doors of the fortress and go not abroad. Cast the stones of your pride into the loud river, that the creeping evil may not find the gate.””

      Jewmerica is still the beacon of hope and the voice in one’s hand, whereas the periphery obeys. And of course, the quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi truth – apparently, the Donbass terrorists have on multiple occasions spread vile propaganda about my countrymen’s raising the banner high.,_non_licet_bovi


  2. Negroes, pinoy subhumans, pakistanis, more and more I see brown creatures. Even Chinese. And I don’t think I see two young persons not wearing jeans daily.

    Beautiful quote.

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