As the anniversary of the Seelow Battle drew to a close, on 2021-04-18, the FSB of the Russian Federation added its voice to the support of Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belorussia, in his ground-breaking news of a foiled assassination attempt at the life of his and his children!

When before has the world been so close to the precipice of the nuclear war due to such intrepid and callous relations of the American Christians? And the lying press of the West is keeping silent! Joined by the traitors in Russia!Портал:Текущие_событияВикипедия:Текущие_события_на_заглавной_странице/Кандидаты#Покушение_на_Президента_Белоруссии_предотвращено

It must not be forgotten that while Russia demonstrates counter-attacking signs of vitality, it is still a Christian country in the jaws of eternal defeat. While the Christian idea finds its purest expression in the anarchy of the Negro-worshippers of America, the anti-statist bile of the Russian traitors is a kindred spirit.

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