> “We should hate non-Aryans just for being non-Aryans.”

This is what I have been saying for years, having intuited it naturally. This is what in philosophy is called materialism. This is opposed to such idealist creeds as universal love or the betterment of childrearing.

Contra Kurginian – survival for survival’s sake, and the beauty will grow. Everything outside materialist Darwinism is collective annihilation.

6 thoughts on “Der Movement

    1. It was a custom amongst the non-existing Satanists to recite prayers and VHS tapes backwards.

      Stalin… Can you imagine the hilarity of this mad world? Where Stalin created Ukraine and removed the remaining Poles from Volhynia, and yet Stalin is hated the most by Ukrainians? What’s to say of our Mexican anti-Communist Soljenitsin-reader? He’s honest by comparison.

      Another Chechar’s pitfall is in that he demanded the swostika [my sic!] in Charlottesville. As if the swostika can set the Americans straight. Are the Jew-electing and trans-worshipping Ukrainians barred from raising the flag of Hitler? Not at all. Then why would an NSDAP banner in Virginia be connected to severe classical Europe, and not to idealist Christian anarchy?


    1. Ah, that’s a queer question. So elegant, yet I could expand upon it in two points.
      1. Inspired by the incel.co forums, I have come to assume the truth in the oppression of the incels by the unjust idealist system. In this vein, I would entertain the idea of a chad who supports his incel comrades in the just fight, the way so many an aristocrat answered the call of the Bolsheviks for the betterment of Russia.
      2. Chechar’s obsession with feminism is grating to me. Remember Turd Flinging Monkey’s War of the Sexes? Such a myopic view. Of course, sexes have their interests, but putting it as the cornerstone would be as folly as the classist economism of dialectical “materialism”. Bourgeois feminism is but a facet of the Christian problem, the idealist problem, the American problem. Everything coming from America originates in a stateless, anarchist debauchery. The happy mode of the intolerant Christcucks! Eurasians have always been grumpier, and that’s our defence.


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