60 years ago, on this day, the citizen of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Gagarin Yuri Alekseyevich became the first man in world history to leave the bounds of the planet and travel into space beyond. With the passage of time since, the European country of his achievement has been turned to dust at the hands of transvestite Christian cultists.

Source image: http://t3.gstatic.com/licensed-image?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKNZUrzz-CPQOD72Oc_nWfaQA6sx7tLbuw8nL6YzXBkBX8o7GMJ0thF8t5nAcS

7 thoughts on “Yuri Gagarin – Cosmonautics Day

  1. A relevant bit. I receive my news from the Wikipedia portal. But even that seems to be biased – purely by accident I decided to check the Russian Wikipedia, and learned that had been a space launch from Baikonur (Soyuz MS no. 748 Yu.A. Gagarin, 2021-04-09)! Total silence on the part of the Anglosphere!


    I have seen quite a few USSR broadcasts from the 1980s. What impresses me is that even though the work of many talented people is clearly visible (war reporters in Lebanon, a female voice once read a cringy rhymed translation of an anti-Reagan blues song), the feel is down-to-earth and honest, and the words are sometimes slurred. Truly a Slavic empire.



  2. Let’s also post a schizophrenic-tier exercise in linguistics for my amusement.

    60 літ тому, на цей день, громадянин Союзу Совєцкіх Соціялістическіх Республік Ґаґарін Юрі Алексеєвич став першим мужем ув історії мѣра покинути окови плянети та подорожувати ві простір понад. Ізо проходом времени, ця Еуропейська країна єго досягнення є перетворена на порох силами трансвеститів, християнських сектантів.

    The neural networks of Google Translate will give away Ukrainian, and yet the truth is that Ukrainian is not used in cyberspace at all, aside from by news-writing artificial intelligence bots.


  3. Why did America keep a cool diplomatic tone with Soviet Russia?
    1. Because Russia was strong, and thus could uphold the bipolar UN world order?
    2. Or because Russia was weak, and America was trying not to antagonise, not to strengthen her?

    The latter might also be true. The USSR was brought down by a masterful use of economic blockade and, more importantly, creeping cultural diffusion – which was possible at all due to the Christian substrate of Russia and the betrayal by Khrushchev.


  4. I have a very personal dilemma which I don’t really know how to see from an anti-Christian POV. Don’t really know if you are interested in individual cases but I have to say it to a person of reason like you. So here it is:

    My mother and father have been married for 26 years. We (my father, me and my brother) have just found out that my mother had another child before us, a daughter. Now, my mother had this child with the husband of her then-married sister when she was 20, in 1990, 5 years before she met my father. Now I have told my mother that I consider that she was a whore at that age to do such a thing and my uncle a faggot. Her mother knew that my uncle kept making sexual advances to my mother, but they didn’t want to tell this to her father, finally got pregnant etc. Now that we have found this out, me and my brother are fine, but my father has a very aggresive reaction, says everything was a lie in their life, that my mother is a whore, the marriage is finished. What do you think of my father’s reaction? Of the whole case? Just fucking lol at living in a Christian world.

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    1. 1. First of all, this is indeed hilarious. Family stories are always heart-warming (tophet pun [not] intended). And I consider both Romanians and Hungarians honourary Slav trash anyway.
      2. Why would it be found shameful to have kids? Isn’t it the point? A whore par excellence is barren. Remember, Himmler loved children out of wedlock.
      3. Or do you mean the “cucking” of your father? I wouldn’t view it as such. After all, in the Middle Ages, widows remarried all the time.
      4. The entire ordeal sounds quite ridiculous. How can a woman have a child in secret? Did your half-sister die? Or was abandoned?
      5. As to your father’s reaction, these ideals of fidelity remind me of how an old fellow from Chechar’s blog, Jack Halliday, once famously proclaimed that if his woman used a vibrator to pleasure herself, he would beat the shit out of her. I light-heartedly find it amusing. Different strokes.
      6. As to your mother, I wonder what her position on the matter was/is. Was she too sheepish/shy to refuse? Did she like it? Had her psyche been damaged prior? In my conversations with my mom, I have drawn her attention to how slavish to the societal marital norms she was at that age (even though she got a degree in chemistry).
      7. “…a whore at that age…” > What does this mean? Are you implying having kids at 20 is abnormal? For a socialist female?
      8. An anti-Christian perspective – marriage is malleable, what happens happens, everyone must be a self-pleasure-seeking actor, and power is pleasure (and women get it in other ways). All coupled with a xenophobic message – she didn’t have kids with a CIA nigger priest, right?
      9. I’m not entirely sure as to the utility in the continuation of marriage at an older age anyway. Who cares what old people feel? Some American boomers try wearing chastity cages to spice up their sex lives. But it’s all quite irrelevant at that point. Unless the Catholics forbid divorce, and nursing homes offend local collectivist sensibilities, that is. Why is euthanasia still illegal? Even Elessar did it.

      P.S. Here’s Albinoni.


  5. Romanians despised Slavs before 1944. Alas, Antonescu was so Christian he couldn’t fully embrace the Hitlerian revolution.
    Fully agree with your 2nd point.
    My father thinks he has been cucked. I don’t think so at all.
    She actually didn’t have the child in (total)) secret. My mother was 17 when my uncle (a 1.95m blue-eyed blond haired Chad) began to make amorous advances and my mother resisted at first and told her mother to tell him to leave her alone (her mother didn’t even tell my grandad, my mom attempted suicide and her dad rescued her) and in time she fall in love with him (lmao) and finally got pregnant. When the child was born my mother wanted to keep her, but my aunt made everything possible to give her to adoption. My mother cried a lot and carried this sadness (without us ever knowing) with her all of her life. Now, a month ago her daughter met my mother for the first time (grew in a decent household, bu realized while young that she was adopted and later wanted to meet my mother and took legal action to discover all that), we met her, she is 31 yo now, married and has a daughter. And yesterday my father found out who the father was.
    My father can’t comprehend how she slept with her sister’s husband. I agree that it was unnecessary as there were other men around but his reaction makes it look like some catastrophe. He is a disgusting retard that keeps saying my mother is a whore, smash the marriage picture, tried to beat her and I stopped him. He left for the country house. I am stuck with my mother who cannot stop crying. How can I talk to him again, it would be more natural to beat him.
    I said “whore” because I have found it weird to be attracted to her sister’s husband from all men. But still, I understand. Unlike this faggot of a father.
    I totally agree with the 9th point. Marriage exists to make babies, when they reach a certain age the marriage has been consumed. Euthanasia should be legal, but Christianity wants everybody to suffer.
    Now I understand a bit Chechar when he talks about his parents. To see such a beahviour in my father, I didn’t know he was such a disgusting person Jewsus worshipper as he is.

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    1. 1. Slavs were on the way to getting destroyed in the 1940s. And all of Europe would have been in the shadow of Germany, even if Slovakia had survived.
      2. “Love” is indeed a meme that non-Americans cherish. Ironically, an American feminist perspective is far blunter and closer to my heart – if the woman doesn’t get her way in the end, she has been “raped”. Traditionalism is more boring in this respect (“victim” blaming).
      3. Nice to hear that the daughter is alive and well!
      4. I didn’t expect the case to carry such real-time urgency. Sounds like some drama from killmepls.ru.
      5. What disappoints me in Chechar is that he blames women more than men. And that’s disconnected from reality. I’d love to hear his opinion on male failures in marital matters (alcoholism in Eastern Europe would be the low-hanging fruit).
      6. But in your case, I would suggest not politicising the situation. I might be wrong, and I do tend to smell Christians everywhere, but your father is most likely a normie first and foremost. Normies are apolitical and will-less. Normies cannot think for themselves, their feelings are imprecise and murky, and they try vaguely to follow some societal norm.

      My dad sees Russians everywhere, believes in magic such as dowsing, and never uses capitalisation in writing. Apparently, a conversation is the part of the uplifted. But normies do have a role to play as agents of a culture – from aunties spreading a natalist message to that Juche Korean farmer who hates Americans for cutting his cow’s tail.

      7. Still, even such parenting is better than what is in America. And all the magic thinking of the Middle East did not turn Semites into transvestites.


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