Karen Shakhnazarov is right. The USSR was sure of itself enough to lead the liberation of Africa and of American Negroes against the enemy of Russia – the American Christian Aryan. Modern Russia is suicidal in most things, and cannot pursue its national policy, thus reducing itself to the role of an impassionate judge or worse, playing games with white nationalism – while the correct course of action would be to support the BLM.

>”Why are we against the BLM? Why do we support American whites? Because we are white? Give me a break. They are our enemy!” (50 min)

As I responded to commandor, I do believe pan-Aryan racism to be beneficial to everyone involved – but only because the Aryan race is on her deathbed. Yes, including Russia. A strong Russia would have no need in non-Russians. A strong Russia would actively wish nuclear fire upon all non-Russians. And when I talk of strength, I mean moral strength, not economic.

The dictatorship of the people (democracy) and Tsarist autocracy (sovereignty).

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.

Racial unity in infinite hatred onto terrible death!

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