Geopolitics meets culture war and cultural dialectic. Responding to César Tort aka Chechar’s latest non-Game-of-Thrones post – Yockey, Mason, Wallace.

America = anti-Valinor, the Orcs with the conviction of the Elves. Christianity and neo-Christian liberalism are all they have, and they will go down with the Jew-derived universal love – proudly and hysterically.

Russia = they have been using statist Christianity and Marxism to cement their wild steppe empire. A slavish love of England and America has been their downfall twice.

Germany = the only European realm of relevance with a soil that begot a racist culture, where even normies were able to repudiate Christianity. In case of victory, might have sinified Europe into a unified continent-civilisation.

Germany got too greedy, and lost to the West-worshipping Russians. The rest is history.

The succinct image drawn by Norman Davies–
The Collapse of the European Power Triangle.

3 thoughts on “The Collapse of the European Power Triangle

    1. To be fair, at this point, after the failure of the USSR to exist, the idea of fraternisation with the Europeans would make sense. Either way, Russians still possess a number of qualities that shouldn’t be discarded out of hand. I wish American racists could watch the Russian Jew Soloviev – the 2021-03-29 episode featured him passionately telling Zlobin that the Holocaust served the interests of the German people, but it should be considered evil nevertheless – in response to Zlobin’s valiant remark that the politician’s only moral must be the interest of his country.

      I.e., Russian state television can literally proclaim statism and nationalism, which will necessarily be anti-American – with the only caveat that the Jews are not to be gassed! “So, the interests of the German people are laid down in Mein Kampf?” (57 min)

      It’s absolutely hilarious. A true Christian will say that the Holocaust was contrary to the German national interests! But here, a Russian may entertain such ideas – and in Soloviev’s case, his only opposition lies in his fear of being gassed again.

      That said, on another occasion, the Russian-Armenian cult leader and mystic Kurginian did say that survival for the sake of survival is evil, and will only lead to folks eating one another…


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