Jews are definitely a slippery subject. Easy to get banned on a NatSoc forum for taking a different stance.

The Jews are a fascinating people. Utterly irrelevant, like Bosniaks, but they once won a lottery by spreading their ideology to the remains of Rome – which later spawned Islam in its turn.

For centuries, Jews had been content with such a state. But then the Frenchies came and ruined the idyllic pre-industrial 18th century of famines, plagues and clowns by forcefully granting the Hebrews human rights. Since then, the kikes have embarked on a march to full mimicry. The Westerners, meanwhile, have continued in their cultural dialectic of universal love by enabling whores, niggers, retards and now transvestites.

The poor Jews are honestly appalled and frightened. 1.5 millennia of gentile* cock-sucking have already traumatised their collective unconscious enough, and now they have no idea what to do with all that power. They naturally try to suppress the Aryans, having a bitter experience in Hitlerian Germany, but they are also afraid of Islamic fundamentalism, so they’re trying to befriend the Saudis. IMO, the perfect society for Jews would be a civic nationalist state like France or Russia.

Still, the Jews constitute an incredibly heterogeneous, bickering and moronic group. Look no further than Israel! What a stupid idea. Both Hitler and Stalin’s offers were immeasurably better alternatives. Imagine a gigantic Jewish island with a varied climate, no enemies in sight, and easily-segregated natives (Madagascar)! Or a Jewish state right on the doorstep of Korea, next to the economy of China, and where one can take a trip to Japan to buy anime pillows (Birobijan)! But no, in their infinite wisdom, the Jewish race has decided to cast its lot in the Negev desert. Where they have a good chance of getting massacred the moment the Saudis run out of petrodollars. Dumbfucks.

How relatively honest racists can worship Jews as infallible gods (or a hivemind controlled by a single hermaphrodite paedophiliac Overmind) is beyond me. The Jews are going extinct in the USA, fleeing France (as monsieur Soloviev of Russia often remarks), and are miscegenating with the Palestinians and culturally assimilating with the Sephardim/Mizrahim in Israel. An Israel which they were too pussy ethnically to cleanse – again, comically unsure of their own power and at the same time fatally haughty.

*I hate the word “gentile”, no idea why Chechar uses it. Seems far worse than “goy” to me.

Here is a size comparison of Israel and Birobijan – mind you that the only habitable areas of the “Holy Land” are the Mediterranean coast and Galilee.

One thought on “On Jews

  1. I honestly cannot get over the Birobijan case. Imagine an alternate history where the Zionist clique takes a course towards the Far East. Where Palestine remains unified, with minor Jewish settlement, but the bulk of the Hebrews take the Amur pill.

    > “After the war ended in 1945, there was renewed interest in the idea of Birobidzhan as a potential home for Jewish refugees. The Jewish population in the region peaked at around 46,000–50,000 Jews in 1948, around 25% of the entire population of the JAO.”

    In that case, the USSR would not have gone full anti-Semitic (Israel was first independent, then American-backed). The Middle East would have remained sleepy and largely peaceful, the arguments of the superpowers must have sought another outlet. Sure, the Jewish state would not have achieved full sovereignty – but it would probably have attained a Republic status down the line, a model success of the Soviet philosophy. In 1991, it would have become free to pursue its own policy. Birobijan would have been perfect as a springboard for subverting China – the future superpower. And it would have only benefited from global warming.

    > “In the Russian language play Novaia rodina (New Homeland) by the Soviet playwright Victor Fink celebrated Birobidzhan as the coming together of three communities-the Koreans, the Amur Cossacks and the Jews. Each community has its own good and bad characters, but ultimately the good characters from each community learn to co-operate and work with each other. To symbolize the unity achieved, the play ends with mixed marriages with one Jewish character marrying a Korean, another Jewish character marrying a Cossack and a Cossack marrying a Korean. Likewise, the Soviet Yiddish writer Emmanuil Kazakevich portrayed in a poem the achievement of Birobidzhan being declared the Jewish Autonomous Region on 7 May 1934 as an inter-communal event with the members of the Amur Cossack Host coming out to join the celebrations.”

    A few left-over maps.


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