Such immaculate articles as this one do make me ponder as to how a person can be so far-sighted in one area (anti-Christianity), and yet so mentally handicapped in another (the USSR). This is a lesson to me to try to keep an open mind and entertain varied ideas, never to become offended, always on point and cognisant of my abilities.

> “…the problems originate with Jewish supremacism and the Jews’ irrational hatred and fear of white Christian people.”

The stupid commenter is also peculiar in that she blames the Jews for being successful – an idea understandable to Christians only. How can you ever blame a foreigner for killing you? That’s the law of Nature, the whole point of existence! The weak have a duty to perish. Jewish supremacism is precisely the opposite of a problem – it is the Aryan collective suicide that is maladaptive, and will soon pass, one way or another.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping nationalists

  1. I don’t understand this fascination with the Joos. I am so removed from my times that I cannot really see where this Jooish power lies aside from the axiological Christian one. And nobody has ever explained me what the Joo wants from existence (minus mere survival) though. Would the Joos put every single white in a gas chamber if they truly had the power to do so? Or would they rather use whites for exploitation like they supposedly do now? Last time I checked, the Hitlerians wanted to exterminate every singe kike (and non-whites in the future as I’ve understood from some of Führer Hitler’s conversations). Don’t Jews want the same for whites? What’s your take?

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    1. By the way, these reposts have made Chechar delete my homophobic anti-Wikipaedian comment on his blog. How disgustingly petty can one get? Solzhenitsyn is indeed a holy tranny to him. Either way, I archive everything to both the Wayback Machine &


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