My reply to James Bowery on TOO. Unlike Counter-Currents Publishing (CCP), they usually let me comments through.

Incidentally, these would be the songs playing in my ears when I hear the word “Technology”.

> “Civilization’s dissolution of the masculine…”
Does it happen outside the Aryan race? Will you call Stalinian people feminine because they made their women work in the factories in the mass production of the weapons of war? Is the fierce competition of a purer capitalist society feminine? Modern American values are clearly degenerate Christian idealism, quite removed from the genocidal materialism of race and of the chthonic fires of technology.

> “…the more successful attempts to extend mano-a-mano violence to group violence have ended in females parasitically castrating their offspring to produce sterile workers as extended body parts—eusocial species…”
Don’t humans have group violence? Isn’t the essence of racism group violence, genocide?

> “…Ants, termites, bees and naked mole rats that engage in perpetual war.”
Isn’t it a state of existence among all human populations – total collectivist war? And how is it feminine? Westerners are castrated not by feminism but by Christianity (check Juche Korea for a case of feminism without Christianity). If man is ever be truly cucked, it will happen by futuristic reproductive technology which would substitute the DNA with an efficient machine algorithm, and females will suffer more.

> “And May The Best Win”
That sounds anti-Christian. The best wins by definition. Losers deserve nothing but scorn. Nature decides the prerequisites. The dead have no agenda (the dead lineages, obviously, collectives, races.)

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