Pictured: a dumb Ukrainian slut propagating the pseudohistorical “Rune-faith”, a thoroughly Christian movement using Pagan gods as a vehicle of spreading universal love. Ahnenerbe-tier lies can be vindicated on the basis of a healthy race-state, but without it, it’s a variation on the delusions of Christian Identity.

There has been a curious exchange on Chechar’s blog. I myself would add that the French are as miserable – even though they have a long written history, their identity is based on being occupied, and their epics are not older than the troubadour age (the Song of Roland is a close contemporary of the Word on Igor). We Slavs are indeed wretched – and unlike the French, we cannot even build a strong state. Neither the Empire nor the Union succeeded in forming a population respectful of their own authority. The stupid American is utterly immune to foreign propaganda – a smart Russian disrespects the Russian state.

© Jamie

Some time ago, I realized that the reason why the Anglo-saxon was so resentful against Germany and any other European nation (i.e Ireland) was because the anglo does not have a culture or legends of its own.

The Welsh have King Arthur. Ireland has its rich and preserved Celtic history. Scotland too. The anglo has nothing left.

Even Tolkien was resentful about this, and as a good catholic, he took the pagan myths he liked from other cultures and fused it together with a Judeo-Christian narrative in hopes to give the rootless whites a background.

That is why anglos believe they are Yahwe’s chosen people too, because they have nothing left. This makes them jealous and hateful. And will destroy anyone else who do have an identity, and thus true pride of being who they are. This is funny, since, as Paula Hitler pointed out once:

“On the one hand the Englishman’s character is essentially unfair, ruled by jealousy, self-importance, and lack of consideration. But he never forgets he is an Englishman, ”

That is why the USA and UK are the main responsibles of white genocide today. The inconsiderate anglo spirit whishes to take all the whites to the clift with him.

© Krist Krusher

Are you by chance excluding Beowulf and the legends of Weyland? Neither story comes out of xtian tradition. Whatever influence they acquired due to xtian redaction amounts to less than the Semitic influence in the Irish legends you mention [such as the Lebor Gabala Erenn] wherein the very beginning starts with a retelling of B’ereshith.

If any white people lack myths of their own, that would be the Slavs. They literally had to make up entirely fake myths by scribbling ahistorical nonsense on a bunch of boards to have a “book” of their own. Not a single story lingers of the Slavic Gods–only their names and attributes.

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