What I like in Game of Thrones is its smartness, snappiness, daringness – in spite of its subversive empty nihilism. A traditionalist artistic creation has a danger of becoming formulaic, dogmatic, stale. But of course, the Jewish/Christian robbery of the Aryan is hurtful.

Imagine a film with strong females _and_ pure love. With intriguing politics _and_ the objectively correct side. A film which explores relativism _without_ growing nihilistic.

It is the objective truth that the Communist Mao Zedong saved China from a century of humiliation. There had been feudal lords with racist intentions, and the capitalists, but the reality is such.

One thought on “The bear and the maiden fair

  1. In addition, I must mention that “buttocks” sounds incredibly cringe to me. Register-wise, it could be compared to Ukrainian vs. Russian. What’s the meaning of this? Why not draw attention to the Chilean facial structure of the actress Oona Chaplin? Or her unnaturally dark skin? Or her dumb eyes? It’s precisely the face that differs the most among races.


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