Thanks to the commenter Cleansing Fire’s recommendation of (now added to the Uſeful links section), I have had a few thoughts on the topic of ideological warfare vis-à-vis material accomplishments.

Why is is the case that Westerners when debating ideologies tend to lunge into arcane discussions, revelling in dusty tomes and recounting stale dogmas, while utterly ignoring the reality of existence?

When I think of Juche Korea, I do not necessarily have paper and ink in mind. Instead, I remember the harsh anti-Japanese struggle, the vicious war against a nuclear Christian superpower with nothing more than a rifle, the continued hardship for seven decades and counting – all for a total racial victory of a nation. Where is the wind of words in it? Subdued under the weight of deeds.

I will not say that a Korean will not recite the passages about the “man as the master of his destiny”. Of course, he will. What I am doing is seeing the more important propaganda footage of the setting and rising Sun. I swear, no other nation in the world uses our red star as ubiquitously as the DPR of Korea – and where is it explicitly ordered so in the dusty tomes?

I am far from denying the importance of culture. What I am doing is finding the realistic value in the material reality. I have to admit that the native American pioneers of the 17th ct. who imagined themselves to be Jews succeeded in conquering the continent. That the 1.5 millennia of Christian subjugation did not immediately lead to the demise of the race. The people survived – while ignoring their culture. Thus, the culture of the Europeans has been neutral at best – harmful at worst, and never positive for their survival. Thus, the race went unprepared and defenceless to the new cataclysms of the Industrial Age and of secularised neo-Christianity of liberalism and Marxism.

Ironically, this view will absolve Hitler from the blame that a hardcore fanatic could put upon him – Hitler’s actions of murdering millions of Jews and Russians speak louder than his warm words towards the nominal Christians in Germany’s midst. And of course, any lip-service of the USSR towards Negroes is effectively cancelled by their defence of the Russian race throughout the 20th ct. – I’m saying it without turning a blind eye towards how a lack of a cultural paradigm led to the demise of the said Soviet project without a shot fired.

In short, a more holistic approach must be taken to see reality for what it is.

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