A mere day has passed! And lo, I’m banned in their most intellectual section, again met with repulsion and aversion! I’m going to reproduce my exchange from their /fascist/ forum, or, as they call it, an “imageboard”.

1, Do folks on this forum admire Juche Korea?
2. Do people here read the anti-Christian animal-loving César Tort/Chechar?
3. Is there an archive of this imageboard anywhere? For example, I browse 4chan almost exclusively via 4plebs and archived.moe, I honestly hate the transient and chat-like nature of imageboards as I’m mostly a lurker and prefer to get to know the place first, at least.
© Adûnâi

1, “Asian” – do you mean Hindu? Muslim? Or are you a stupid fat American and by “Asian” actually mean what the rest of the world calls Mongoloid? Do you measure in feet and Fahrenheits, too?
2. Americans are also weird in that they have Mongoloids in their own country for some reason.
3. Actual Mongoloids in the DPRK and China have the best shot at avenging Hitlerian Germania with nuclear fire by puncturing the fat belly of the neo-Christian empire. Quite grim, but I cannot see a good future where America does not burn.
© Adûnâi

Regarding your first image – it is interesting how often discussions involve arcane ideological points, books, etc. Whereas I would prefer watching the film montages and debating real-world implementations. I.e.:
1, Juche is literally sun-worship – judging by the Korean propaganda montages. Nowhere else have I seen so much sublime footage of the sunset/sunrise.
2. Juche cannot be separated from the figure of KIM IL SUNG-taewonsu, his anti-Japanese struggle, his defeat of the atomic bomb with a rifle in hand. KIM IL SUNG to Korea is what Jew Jesus is to America, and what Hitler was once to Germany.
3. The USSR was effectively a White ethnostate – which perished due to its Christian past, the connection with America that led to its withering.
This artistic view is what I believe is missing in the West. From this point, I will, paradoxically, excuse Hitler more for not burning churches – because people who literally shoot the Jews in the head are less Christian than those who merely destroy churches while proclaiming the idea of universal brotherhood of man, of Galilean love.
© Adûnâi

>Communism in the long run seems to have been less immediately destructive than unfettered liberalism and capitalism
Isn’t it the opposite? It is precisely the end goal of Communism to destroy all statehood in individualist anarchy. And it was the opposition of the bourgeois empires that made Russian statehood harden… Until the Christians took over in 1991 by “bringing peace”.
>When I think of the term ethnostate I think of something like the Third Reich, where the nation is built around the preservation and flourishing of one group.
Hitlerian Germany was first and foremost a genocidal war machine hell-bent on murdering tens of millions of foreigners for a Lebensraum. Calling it an ethnostate is a disservice.
(I’m not a Christian, therefore, this description is flattering to my ears. The Soviet Union had the right to kill every last German, and build the foundation of their Slavic empire on bones for millennia to stand.)
Can you explain what was so bad about the post-WW1 German Communism? The Freikorps established the Weimar Republic! Do you support Weimar? In my view, if the Jews have a good idea and the Aryans don’t, it is not a commendable situation. An alliance with Russia against England would have been glorious.
>and events such as Holodomor which killed millions upon millions of innocent Slavs
>Holodomor 11 million Ukrainians murdered by 2 jews isn’t preference. And an additional 30 million to 60 million were murdered by Gulag and executions since 1917.
The Holodomor is far more fake than the Holocaust. There was a mild famine, just as it had happened for centuries. The population of Russia grew, Ukraine was at its demographic peak of 53 mil. in 1993 – since then, 20 million died/emigrated, and you capitalist pigs are not mentioning it. Hitler killed 27 mil. Russians in the war. It’s all on Wikipaedia, and if your info is worse than that den of homosexualists, you should be ashamed.
>The USSR was a shithole, of course, an ideological wasteland of spiritual decay and filth.
And yet the Soviet Union died because it did not fully break ties with the filth of its far more degenerate neighbour – the US of America. And why was there a striving for peace? Because the deeply-Christian Russia could not bring herself to hate with all her gut the faggots of the Occident. Unlike the mighty DPRK who can hate.
HBO’s Chernobyl is some of the biggest faggot lie in Hollywood. A female scientist warning that a nuclear power plant could explode like an atomic bomb? A party member threatening to throw a scientist out of a helicopter? And by the way, the Chernobyl disaster barely had any negative impact at all.
>The Chernobyl Forum predicts that the eventual death toll could reach 4,000 among those exposed to the highest levels of radiation (200,000 emergency workers, 116,000 evacuees and 270,000 residents of the most contaminated areas); this figure is a total causal death toll prediction, combining the deaths of approximately 50 emergency workers who died soon after the accident from acute radiation syndrome, 15 children who have died of thyroid cancer and a future predicted total of 3,935 deaths from radiation-induced cancer and leukaemia.
I’ll say even more, if the Soviet Union had still been healthy, they would have pronounced as an immense success the evacuation of the 50k Pripyat inhabitants, and then 100k more.
>Communism is literally just Globohomo 2.0 you dumb fag
The homosexualists were considered criminals and promptly imprisoned in the USSR.
>They started the disruption of the middle east using proxies with Russia, then moved to America. Look at the middle east now, almost entirely under their control.
Wait, now this is cuckoldry. The greatest sin of America after the immigration policy of Polish Jews and Negroes has been the policy of not using their nuclear arsenal to exterminate all non-Aryans on the planet.
© Adûnâi

Evola was a delusional schizo idealist. Here are Chechar’s points, but my position is that by rejecting biology as the basis of this material reality, he’s a Christian by definition. A libtard/Marxist. Whatever, same shit. One is either a racist materialist, or a suicidal traitorous idealist.
>It is not even true individualism in a paradoxical sense, as the modern individual soon falls prey to advertising, media propaganda and other forms of mass hysteria.
1, Juche Korea has an urban population alongside strong communal solidarity.
2. What’s wrong with media propaganda? That’s precisely the job of the propagandist – to create a cultural climate conducive to killing foreigners and having children (racism). You are talking like a nihilist from the movie They Live (1988) – “all advertisement is bad”.
>Even if your ludicrous description of the Third Reich was true[…]
Are you one of those who deny the Holocaust in its entirety, and the genocidal nature of NS Germania?
>They were a subversive internationalist force that helped non-Whites around the planet destroy their own cultures and kill millions of their own people in resentment-fueled bloodbaths
Helped… to destroy? Am I following you?
1, First, both the Americans and the Russians aided in the survival of the niggers, bred niggers like rats everywhere they went. Even Kampuchea. Had the Americans behaved like normal people, not a single Cambodian would have survived…
2. Even if we take your ridiculous statement as true – are you actually supporting non-White niggers on this forum? You want their societies to flourish? You possess no blood craze against their swarthy nations in India, Iran, LatAm and Africa?
(I love Korea because I desire the death of America above all.)
© Adûnâi

>You think the common Wehrmacht soldier needed to understand any of the nuance regarding the USSR? Fuck no, it was an enemy to be destroyed, nothing more.
And wasn’t it a tragedy? Do you consider WW2’s Ostfront an ideological fight? Because I view it mostly as a boring Russo-German struggle. Of course, one side had purer blood, and the other was so diseased, it could not hold onto the victory. But the spirit of Hitler was German nationalism first, unfortunately. I won’t deny that a German victory would have yielded sublime results for the Aryan race. But a subversive work against Western Christianity in peace-time would have been less risky.
This is why Vichy France is potentially the most curious part of WW2. A case of an Occidental land freed from Christianity. Our discussion here is about that – the total victory of Jesus, and what can be done after it, in this most hopeless timeline.
(I think anything can happen only after America dies, one way or another. Fortunately, it is killing itself quite fast these days. I hope the Chinese finish the job.)
© Adûnâi

>Desiring the death of nations that aren’t your own above all is not a nationalist perspective.
1, The idea of JEW-given borders for your JEW-given country is pure Christian cuckoldry. Swords are your borders.
2. Nationalism is quite a pernicious idea, especially in our time. Shouldn’t the last Aryans band together or something? That’s what I try to draw on my maps – the last survivors.
3. Even nationalists were trying to genocide other nations once, what are you on about?
>It seems to me that you are fervently anti-American rather than pro-anything.
4. It is true that I’m black-pilled – but only when it comes to Korea continuing intelligent life on this planet and beyond, in O’Neill cylinders.
5. While hating America, the murderer of the last tangible Aryan hope, is completely natural. The USA can be of any use only after a Piercian revolution – and that is not happening.
6. I would like to be pro-Aryan. But Aryans don’t want to live. Not a single rotten country. Not even Belarus. This is why the only optimistic outlook is civilisation-centred cuckoldry to the Mongoloids – with the added delight of a nuclear annihilation of America, fingers crossed.
(If the Koreans/Chinese cuck out before 2100, I will admit I was wrong and last intelligent life indeed died in 1945 CE. Although maybe transhumanists are right, and cold fusion will bring forth the god-golem of Heisman.)
© Adûnâi

Those images are interesting, thanks. Yes, I recognise the German need for a Lebensraum. No, I do not think it was the main threat. Why is America dying now? Because of Christian/liberal axiology of universal love towards niggers. This love is so pernicious, they are actually doing it for real – importing millions of non-Whites, letting their women be fucked by apes, and so on. This is where geopolitics stops – when actors keel over and die of their own volition.
And no, Hitler was wrong – Juche Korea has successfully maintained independence amongst three giants. Rockets and atomic weapons have helped.
>This supposes that materialism is true, which is not even clear.
Philosophical idealism is the hatred of the world, is Christianity, is self-hatred, is collective suicide, is the rejection of Beauty & Order. Philosophical materialism is the acceptance of reality. But what is the basis of reality? – Blood. Without an actor, there is no action. Liberalism emphasises individual rights to debauchery, Marxism champions the fixation on economy – to the rejection of the survival of the nation. Conjuring some other nonsense about spiritual values the way Evola does is one more bunk idealist garbage ideology.
>First and foremost I want to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
As long as a single foreigner survives, their existence will be imperilled. This is why I consider the logical progress of history in the triumph of one race alone. This is why Chechar’s genocidal fantasies grounded in his hilarious compassion for non-humans is more in line with my ideals than your pacifism.
© Adûnâi

1, Ukraine is owned by Jews and Christians.
2. Women run the universities.
National Socialists removed both from positions of power. There is nothing resembling NS in Ukraine. I voted for Koshulinsky twice in 2018 – no more. Fuck their retarded Russophobia. Next time I’m voting for that Donbass Jew Rabinovich, just for the hilarity of it.
I’m afraid, even if America finally dies, Ukraine is so retarded, we will join Turks against Russia (which might die too, for all it’s worth).
© Adûnâi

How hilarious would it be if the last hope of the Japanese race (after the death of America) would be Juche Korea’s friendly hand? I can already see propaganda posters where brave Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist warriors save cute Japanese lolis from swarthy Negroes.
Unfortunately, around 40 mil. Japanese have to perish in terrible starvation when the peak oil economic crisis hits. But then, it’s friendship time.
© Adûnâi

Weren’t the Ainu one of the archaic Asian populations, independent of both Europids and Mongoloids?
By the way, the socialist governor of Tokyo Ryokichi Minobe visited Pyongyang in 1971 and met KIM IL SUNG-taewonsu.
© Adûnâi

The DPRK is one of the 9 nuclear powers on the planet. With 25 mil. people, it has withstood a 70 year-long blockade by the American Christians. Denying that is delusional.
The future of Japan is love. The wisest choice is to choose a passionate friendship with Korea. The Chinese will be rougher.
On a more relevant note, I hope, nobody is excusing Japan for refusing to attack Russia in 1941-42? The stupid Japs have lost Europids the war.
© Adûnâi

>Even fucking Pakistan, one of the most inbred countries on the planet, has nuclear weapons.
They throw acid in their women’s faces, they can’t be that bad.
Either way, I’m not a Mongoloid.
© Adûnâi

I don’t want to defend whatever you mean by leftists, but oh well.
><Leftists created the anti-nuclear movement.
Chernobyl fags destroyed the USSR.
><Leftists created the anti-gmo movement.
><Leftists got animal testing banned.
It was Göring.
><Leftists ridicule space travel.
It was Gagarin.
Technology is a tool, but it needs a will to be used. Christians will use trains to transport Negroes to fuck Aryan women – racists will use atomic weapons to exterminate the vermin.
© Adûnâi

>We can’t even get a base there, or attempting to have anyone live there on a semi-long term basis.
I’m not a Russophile, but…
>NASA has even declared that they’ve flat-out ‘lost’ the technology to get to the moon.
We have lost the technology to gas the kikes, too (am I denying the Holocaust?). We have lost the balls definitely. We have lost our women. Imagine my shock Saturn-fünf has been thrown in Lethe.
>harboring Star Trek dreams of literally changing entire planets into ‘new Earths’ and other nonsense.
Only low-IQ normies want to terraform. Why would you terraform when O’Neill cylinders are the future?
>We can’t even keep this Earth clean.
Clean of niggers.
>They get a vague feeling of “wow, humanity is so great!” and then go on with their miserable lives.
Actually true. In the Cold War, and in the DPRK, space launches were/are used to test atomic rockets to protect the fatherland and potentially burn some fags. Commercial space activity as long as a single racial alien breathes is premature.
And then, there obviously is the dilemma/Catch-22 of colonies becoming their own nations.
© Adûnâi

DRPK fans are on /fash/ because of the board’s cringey days when they thought Nazbol was a legit movement that totally wasn’t gay and meaningless. DRPK has been debated to be fash on 8chan’s board, because of their supposed autocratic and totaltarian control of the government and family state encouragements even total control of the state doesn’t make you fascist and the family-state is more of enforcement of getting random dudes to sleep with women to birth children rather than eugenics and proper borns mating with each other. DRPK loves Trump and have the Rotschilds controlling their banks because of the pressure of closing trade that NK desperately needs to keep their sociteities needs from dropping. In truth no western cuck who sucks them off would want to ever live there.
© Anonymous

>Most Americans, even the lower middle class, dont want to live with niggers or chinks, no matter what the media tells you.
And yet, it was precisely the ordinary Joes who started the Civil War to free the Negro in the 1860s, and the American women who loved to send their kids to schools with niggers in the 1960s. The deep state, of course.
© Adûnâi

>nukes and bombs
Way less of a problem than you’d assume.
The entire world’s nuclear arsenal wouldn’t be enough to disable a large-scale natsoc uprising, the main industrial and population centers that are most vulnerable and liable to this kind of attack are exactly those we’d have little use for ourselves. There’s only so much you can do with lemmings, and if they’re still in cities at that stage of the fight, they’re beyond useless.
For our industrial capacity, even if we captured the main ZOG-run facilities in our nations, we’d still be practically crippled by a lack of qualified labor and expertise. I’d wager most of us aren’t experts in steel foundry management or industrial coal extraction. Forcing the existing workers to run the installations for us is also unlikely to bode well. However this conflict plays out, we’ll be reliant on small-scale, relatively low-tech operations for the next 20 years. Luckily for us, that’s just enough to maintain a competent military, and virtually immune to nuclear and conventional bombing.
The main issues for us would be manufacturing and wearing proper particle masks following a bombing, since I’d expect the kikes to detonate anything high in the atmosphere to spread contaminants far beyond the blast zone. With proper precautions, though, we can avoid any lasting damage to ourselves and the proles gathered around us.
I am a chemical reactionary, but in the coming war, it will be the gritty, low-tech kind of mechanical force that wins out.
Could it be possible that both eco-fash and mechanical fetishim perfectly converge when taking reality into account?
© Anonymous

9 thoughts on “Banned on 16chan.xyz!

    1. No idea as to the reasoning. The message appeared on the post where I called Germany a “genocidal war machine first and foremost”, among other things.

      Either way, there are people there claiming the Asian whore-killer was a victim of pornography, that 11 million Ukrainians died in the Holodomor, Chechar thinks inducing pain in children causes liberalism… It is unbelievably hilarious how moronic people can get when statistics is so clear. But after the HBO’s Chernobyl show declared nuclear reactors to be capable of exploding in the manner of atomic bombs, with nobody aside from Thunderf00t objecting, everything is possible.


    2. An update! Apparently, they got triggered by my using my own name. This I never understood – are the 4chan types so close to normies in their mores? A custom of having no name is worse than Reddit behaviour. I do not seek fame, but it’s natural for me to use my name – for the utility of my respondents, and for the purposes of archiving. The FBI will find us anyway if needed. Quite a peculiar NPC trait.


  1. Same-fagging is switching IP’s to prop up your own points, Namefagging is what you were doing and is frowned on, let your idea stand on it’s own merit or not, I don’t know who banned you, but I certainly would have for the repeated namefagging,


    1. 1. There is nothing in the rules against using a nickname.
      2. One can use the nickname in the forum’s settings.
      3. I use my name on 4chan all the time.
      4. I use my name to keep track of discussions easier.

      On the other hand, your forum has clearly shown its preschooler level of intelligence. Utterly shameful. I get it, what should one expect from a place that is schizophrenically blaming the Jews, but the level is still impressive.

      I came to your place in search of intelligent discussion akin to the Unz Review (where daddy Ron limited me to 3 posts per day for my Juche propaganda), but with the abandon of 4chan. Instead, I found close-minded hillbillies espousing a normie-like shock when encountering a differing worldview (i.e., putting the blame on the Christian culture for Jewish infiltration).

      Of course, the first time I was shunned away because I dared to remind you folks about how Gagarin was a Soviet Bolshevik, and the first man in space. Communism triggers you fags just like the Holodomor triggers Chechar. Unfortunately, there is no discussion to be had with NPCs. Hysteria is your domain.

      In your spite, you literally banned the very use of my name, like some shit-flinging Slavic she-boon would.


  2. I don’t care why you use it, it has been an unspoken rule of imageboards to not use a Tripcode or name yourself at all without a pressing need or if you are some kind of artist, aka reasonable exceptions since their inception, you do it blatantly, and this violates old Imageboard taboo’s, 4chan is no longer what it once was and what you do there will not fly with those who moved on when moot compromised it ages ago.
    Second that’s a word filter, your name isn’t banned it’s just automatically changed into Namefag upon posting and I didn’t place that filter.


    1. Why do you folks base your rules on some obscure Japanese cartoon forum from the 2000s? How is that a measure of virtue?

      > “4chan is no longer what it once was”

      Isn’t that a good thing? The 2000s were an apolitical era for cyberspace, the 2010s were much better with radicalisation and growing madness on all sides.


      1. We do that because that’s where we all came and “woke up”, so to speak, and we left once their free speech suppression became too much and moot became too tyrannical. Anonymity fosters radicalization by assuring the best, truest, and most worthy ideas flow to the top because of the actual merit of the idea itself, at least when properly moderated, and not because of who the speaker is. That is the measure of virtue the imageboard created, as such /pol/ is worthless now, because of poor moderation and no control of shilling or robotic distraction campaigns. It started in 2011 out of /new/, because /new/ was radicalizing people with “racist” rhetoric at too great a clip for moot to tolerate. No, it isn’t a good thing that it changed, and lost what made it truly special. Btw no name-fagging is a rule on /fascist/ for proof just look at the meta thread it’s always at the top of the board.


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