Still, one cannot help but reflect on what might have been different. The combination of factors that had to line up “just-so” for this carrier to be built was the result of remarkable North Korean tenacity, and no small degree of luck. So many opportunities existed where intervention could have halted Pyongyang’s progress, starting from the earliest cyber espionage campaigns against defense industrial base contractors. But very much like the reaction to early Chinese forays toward a blue water navy in the 1990s, serious people would not take the idea seriously. After all, everyone knew the immense hurdles of building a naval aviation warfare community to operate from a narrow deck at sea. This simply could not be achieved using a rusting hulk headed to the shipbreakers, by the kinds of people more at home in a casino than in a banker’s office or a uniform. Likewise, conventional wisdom demands that serious naval strategists focus on power projection in the open ocean, unencumbered by the distractions of littoral operations in close and confined seas.

But what if they were wrong?

2 thoughts on “The DPR of Korea has acquired its first aircraft carrier!

  1. On another note, I would like to remark that NEETzschean on Unz sounds very much like Dr. Robert Morgan. It’s a pity to see everybody besmirch the name of the DPR of Korea and insult Kim Jong Un. Truly, the Aryan soul is haunted by ugliness. Sad.

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    1. 1. Regarding the blog entry – I got tricked by my own hand. This post is marked as fiction. Such an elegant piece of fake news! The references are legit, however.

      2. It is the issue with people. On the one hand, there must be disagreement for an argument to form. And yet, too often it is for its own sake – Ukrainians are blinded by Russophobia, Christians by Judeophilia, and right-wingers generally dislike communists.

      3. This footage is illusory, too. The carrier never arrived. Iranian interceptor drones foreshadowing though!

      4. Yet these Indian farmers are legit.


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