Dramatis Personæ

I. ((Vladimir Soloviev)) – Russian Jew, traditionalist, host and arbiter, the apologist of Putinian Russia.

II. Sergey Kurginyan – Russian Armenian, charismatic cult leader, traditionalist idealist, mystic & moralist.

III. Sergey Mikheev – Russian Nordic, traditionalist Orthodox Christian, militarist dreamer.

IIII. Karen Shakhnazarov – Russian Armenian, Soviet film-maker, Marxist materialist.

Act I
The Abrahamic Preamble


…close to understanding what is happening in the world, of course, they are related to day-to-day reality, but one merely wants to get to a next level. Countries do it on television, on the other hand, television is so conservative these days compared to other means of communications that it occupies a niche with people who have an attention span longer than required for watching a TikTok video, the ability to concentrate for more than one minute. But it has to be conceded that the Internet and social media are the new reality. Revoloution, street mayhem, new ethics, cancel culture – everything is pouring out of the virtual space onto the real one, changing the fates and worldviews of people. I have an impression that the Western civilisation, in that image that we’ve known it, exists no more. It really doesn’t exist. There is no hierarchy which was once built, no understanding of culture, no education, no child-rearing, because if we like it or not, education, child-rearing and culture are related to limits, to a certain foundation, either way a certain hierarchical structure is built, there should be authoritative figures, an understanding of good and bad. At the same time, inside of this understanding of good and bad is built, even if not a pantheon, but at least a certain structure of respect. Now, nothing of this remains. Nothing at all. What appeared unshakeable earlier is not so. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman? – No, it is not so anymore, for such a declaration in media, an American student was barred from studying in a university. No, they were correct, he was able to enroll in a retraining course, publically confess, and then he could have continued his studies.

Algebra is racism – American schoolchildren are told so. An Internet shop has ceased selling the book of a scientist who critiqued the transgender movement. Alright. And that the Dutch translator was branded – not merely a poet and a writer, but an amazing translator – but she dared to take on herself the insolence to translate Afro-American poetry. And she was told, “What are you permitting yourself? You’re White!” Hence, anyone who translated Pushkin to any languages of the world, it is a nightmare, forbidden. Thus we are facing new realities.

According to polls, every sixth American aged 18 to 23 categorises himself as LGBT. That said, “lesbian” is an outdated term, it is forbidden to say, it is out of fashion, you now have to comprehend the currents, otherwise it sounds too ancient régime. Not only that, lesbians are very bad, because they say, “Wait, those men who have suddenly decided they’re women, and now go inside – they rob women of those rights for which they had been fighting.” Now all the achievements of feminism are eroding. And that’s an important point. What equality can be talked about now? And is it even equality? I.e., evething, the absolute sweeping away of everything. We love to talk on these matters with Mr. Mikheev, Mikheev likes to proclaim that these are devil’s machinations, whose main task is to appear as if he’s not there. But we have unwillingly approached the limit where the West is forced to say, “There is no Christianity. There is no Islam.” There is no religion which wants to mold itself in the image of what is now “Social Justice Warriors”, the warring, insane on social media for a certain justice, consider correct. And that meme that once seemed offensive, “For everything good against everything bad”, has unwillingly been turned into a new Inquisition. The old culture is being cancelled. Everything is cancelled. Biden, who is told by the Catholics that he’s an anti-Catholic President, and quite roughly told, is acting that mouthpiece that’s saying, “No, no, it is you who don’t understand anything.” That what Mr. Kurginyan is constantly talking about. We are leaving the human of modernity behind, the project of modernity which had culture, understanding, striving, and we are approaching such a generational break which will not listen to any church preaching – as in America, they stand up and leave, as priests explain, they are told since school that if they hear somebody not accepting transgenders, LGBT, they should not listen, just stand up and leave. We have arrived at the incredible new world. And what’s after, what’s next? The cancellation of culture? The cancellation of literature? The cancellation of religion? Because this is the Inquisition in a new form when the out of favour books are simply removed, writers thrown away. Mr. Kurginyan.

Act II
The Coming of Lilith


I wanted to begin with, no matter what problem were discussed now, still, this positivist fashion begins to rule the ball. That is we recount so and so many moments of reality, “here, this happened, here, LGBT, that, that”, and we have to stop here. The question arises in what begot it, where it is moving, what the meaning of it is – the criminal question, hermeneutics, “What is the meaning of the occurring?” All this is being removed from the very analysis. Thus let me in some way give my exotic contribution to the opposite.

I don’t know, I’m quite certain that the majority of the people with me here in this room have read the address of Marquis de Sade before the French Convent. He says, “The members of the Convent! Why do we have to adhere to morality? We must adhere to debauchery if we want truly to rule. Why do we need to uphold patriarchal society? We must sweep it away to hell. Why do we need to say constantly that we have law? We must have sheer violence.” And so on. The French Convent and then Napoléon Bonaparte for this put Marquis de Sade into the Charenton Asylum, where in the psychiatric asylum he kept on thinking on such matters. It was on this occasion that Peter Weiss directed the play “The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade”. And it seemed that it is but an exotic view of one Frenchman from ancient past. Next, we have to pay attention that all post-modernists consider Marquis de Sade their founder. They say, “Here is our messiah! Here is our mouthpiece! Here is the one who said it all.” Now the talk begins, “Who are the post-modernists, some current, already an old one, the new ones have come, a cultural fashion.” Not at all. It all came alongside Hegel’s students, practically with Kojève, who considered himself a student of Hegel, Hegelian, and then from him through Fukuyama and many other large-scale personalities, Kristeva, and so on in the West. It all was practiced as philosophy clubs, it became part of intellectual culture, and then it started ever more having claims on strategy and politics. As Fukuyama started talking about the “end of history” – what is the end of history? – it is precisely the classical Hegelian principle of the end of the historical spirit and the beginning of a new spirit which stops creating and begins living in a new way. Later, it became the manifesto, I beg your pardon, of the Democratic Party of the USA, its Bible, its symbol of faith, its existential foundation, and now when it is said that it’s all democrats, that classical democracy exists – there is no classical democracy! Classical democracy supposes the existence of the human, and the rights are human rights, such and such, but he also has the right of being human. Outside of this, human rights are impossible in principle. What is the main post-modernist slogan? It is not the “end of history”. It is the end of the human project! Read it. The human project is over. The humanist project is totally over. History is over. Now let’s imagine it – a post-historical, post-human, post-humanist world. What’s next? What should be liquidated next? The patriarchal society. But this society has a benefactor. What’s his name? His name is logos.

In the beginning there was a word. Until civilisation is logocentric, oppression will remain, the oppression by word as such, it should be rejected. We will again be saying that it’s all nonsense, that it’s exploits of specific people – excuse me, it is all that where this current is moving towards. It is all consistently and saturatedly dehumanising.

Now all these pathologies. The United States (let’s leave Germany alone, there was Hitler there, there were difficult questions, he in some respects encouraged it, fought it, the SS employed many such “perverts”, it’s irrelevant) let’s take the America society which has never lived through any cataclysm. What are the 1950s? It was a society which imprisoned people for, let’s say, such sexual transformations. What are the 1980s? It is a society where transformants already said they would imprison those who had used to imprisoned them. But what had happened? 30 years passed! Who can change it all in 30 years? Without cataclysms, without anything! What might is required to be turned on in order to change a society from point A to point -A in 30 years? How can it be done without a subject? I remember that at one conference in the early 2000s, there were representatives of the contemporary Volga region, and I said, “You are saying, a net civilisation? But does it have a subject?” In response, one madame, highly intellectual, answered me in sheer obscenities. And I understood what post-modernist culture is. Hence, is there a subject or not? No matter how often I am told on social media, “Who is doing it?”

Soloviev (interrupting): Was it done on a wide range or a small range? [On a wide range.] Then it’s a rare specialist. She should be searched and saved. They’re rare nowadays. After Alexei Tolstoy.


The meaning of this is that this attempt to refer to “My dear, we live in a digital civilisation” and so on – but is there a civilisational subject or not? What is happening in the foundation?

Now, all are saying that these sexual transformations are one way or another… Listen, it is happening now in this new environment which is being formed – legally, with cultural violence, impressionately – it is not formed on its own. It is formed, molded as if out of clay. What does it end in? It ends in early sexual damage, in local sexual pathology, in the transition of this local sexual pathology into a systemic one, then by the suppression of the entire emotional sphere, it is called emotional deprivation, “sensory deprivation”, then by defences which turn all this into such a fossilised human, by the breakthroughs through these defences with the help of super-expression, by devastation through breakthroughs, and by the filling of this devastation with new metaphysics. What is this, a metaphysics of social media? Yes? “The Anti-Christ is looking at us from the darkness, is he me or is he you?” Is this a metaphysics of social media? It is all this time a direct expressive dark metaphysics. Look at the American society and the dynamics of the Voodoo cult, for example. At least, in the South. Los Angeles and these Californias overall, and how it is all moving North – already New York and so on. It does not happen like this!

Now let’s look at who is the god of all this matter. First, the god is the witch who must have her revenge for having been persecuted. And second, the truly cult figure is Lilith. I probably had the occasion to read more of these books, well published, about how Lilith is the main Democratic divinity of the 21st century. I can show you these publications.

Soloviev (interrupting): And now the average viewer has gone mad.

Kurginyan: Perfect polygraphy, and everything else. And if you look at what serves as the filling,

Soloviev (interrupting): At least, explain the populace about Lilith.


Lilith is Adam’s first wife who resisted, she fled away into the desert, coupled with demons, demons wanted to bring her back, she wasn’t coming back, it is a figure of Jewish apocrypha who was considered the highest concentration of feminine devilishness. Now this Lilith, all these dark feminine divinities (Neumann once said, Jung’s student, that an era of dark feminine divinities will come), now they all, witches who gather in congregations of many thousands, for example, in Spanish squares.

Soloviev (interrupting): Should I fetch an advertisement for the hammer of the witches?

Kurginyan: Do you know that in truth you are observing all the features of that possession which was described in the Malleus Maleficarum?

Soloviev: I agree, and I’m not fully joking, merely continuing your thought. If we look at it, who is now more influential – the Pope of Rome or Dorsey, the owner of Twitter?

Kurginyan: No, the paramount thing is that behind every Dorsey, this or that metaphysical figure stands. It never ends on Dorsey! As soon as you stop elevating the human upward, he goes downward.

Soloviev: What is the cult idiologeme of the people at the peak of power? Libertarianism. Of which they declare. They announce it, yet they don’t understand what they mean in truth. It is an intermediate level of their ignorance. It seems to them as if it were libertarianism, but beyond it, there goes the level of which Mr. Kurginyan is speaking. A much deeper one.


I cannot say, after all, that I have never been talking to the representatives of the Western élite. Quite weird, I have been existing in politics for quite a long time. I swear, in confidential conversations, the word “counter-initiation” is paramount! I swear it! As soon as the talk turns confidential, from Israel and Paris to whatever else places, the word “counter-initiation” appears. That is, the draw downward. Hence, where? It is clear, everyone was talking, I won’t pour salt in old wounds, “It is all Soviet, so bad”, but the comprehension was at least classical, “and then, the Christian will come to the fore” – Christians did not understand that decommunisation will be followed by dechristianisation! Immediately. And it was! At the end, John Paul II seems to have understood it. He got scared at what he had done, as Gorbachev used to say, “my co-worker, the Pope of Rome”. So, the meaning is that he was scared. Now they want to rob Biden of the Eucharist, yes? Isn’t it outrageous? In Catholic America? And why? Because this law on equality will be such a next step of societal demonisation that there’s nowhere else to go.

Soloviev: The Bible should be forbidden after that.


Everything should be forbidden then, then all classical religions, then the enemy is Zeus! Zeus is the main enemy! Read it. It is they who instituted the filthy patriarchal society, and now this society will return to – what? – mother raw Earth. Gaia! The goddess of all this… Gaia! The cult – “full Moon meditation”. Thus, one must not logos, one must not converse, one must go out and perform this “full Moon meditation”. They stand up and they howl at it. Yes, they howl, howl! Great sessions gather – maybe, you merely didn’t delve into this, this New Age. But they do howl, because it is forbidden, logos is forbidden, they must howl. And then appears the cult of the wolf (Nazism used to play with it a bit, Werwolf, but on the other hand, it feared) but here, is the total wolf cult against Zeus, long live the wolf, and what is that? Lycanthropy. That is, the feeding on the flesh, cannibalism. And what, was film Cannibal not made with this intention? I don’t understand. Isn’t there an obvious apotheosis of all that matter there? Untabooing. Everything will be untabooed which concerns the foundation of human existence. And the human taken from Nature, can he exist without these taboos? Can culture be without taboos? It cannot! Hence, he must be put back, into this Nature – but he came out of her so long ago. Then how can he be brought back? He immediately becomes a figure of hell. Not of Nature, but her even darker peak. And this logic absolutely inexorably is unfolding on the entirety of the so-called European space. Nobody is stopping it anymore. It is feared. I have an acquaintance in Israel, a traditional one – they are afraid to touch the gay parades. It is over!

Here, we can still say all this, but when these talks are being held in the most traditional of countries, immediately after that is said the following, “You are untouchable! My god, you happen to be such awful people! We were thinking, you could be befriended.” It is such bans that cause anxiety. Because what is this new Democratic ideology? It is the dismantlement of nation-states, that means, the caliphates and terrorism in the Middle East and all over the world, it is the absolute terror of one’s opinion, the absolute hatred of free-thinkers and their demonisation, it is perversion turned into the domineering system, it is the rapture in violence. Wait, wait, de Sade will still yet come, he will take form politically, and he gets ecstatic with violence. Because for the limits of violence to exist, law is needed – whose law? Whose? Lilith’s? Lycanthrope’s? Whose law? Witches’? You say, the hammer of the witches, but there was the matter when Richelieu burned Urbain Grandier, yes? It was quite a late matter with werewolves, mystical transformations and so on, there was not that anymore which had once been during the Inquisition. It was quite a late, civilised France, the king didn’t want Richelieu to burn that Urbain Grandier, sent princes and not princes, they wrote, they wrote twenty volumes on this matter, nobody was tortured, no inquisitorial tortures were employed, and there that entire dark story is described sufficiently seriously. Therefore when today people start studying the archives of the Inquisition, the archives of the NKVD, the archives of whatever else totalitarian systems – there is no longer that point of view that a specialist comes and says, “All is nonsense! All is violence! All under interrogation!” There is no that point of view anymore. The filtration of documents happens now. And when it does, the picture is indeed dark. And a bug question arises – has that Germany or Europe ever been Christian? [Quotes Goethe’s Faust:]

To Brocken’s tip the witches stream,
The stubble’s yellow, the seed is green.

It all existed as quite a serious phenomenon, and everything else. And was there a genuine resistance to this all? Or were these inquisitors always a pathetic part in relation to something significantly darker?

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