I can say a few words.

1. If manhood returns to the Evening-land, will the men pick up the habit of chewing and smoking tobacco again?

2. It is ironic how harshly Chechar criticises the Stark lady. Here, she acted as an honour-killing barbarian, unhindered by southern politics, avenging her son. Catelyn Stark does remind me of such archetypes as Morwen Eledhwen and Kriemhild/Gudrun (the latter shares vengefulness, the former – the general prideful posture).

3. The Hand of the King is the equivalent of the Grand Vizier. I never thought of it like this, but now I did, and it is true.

4. I’m not as proficient as the folks on TheApricity, but Roger Ashton-Griffiths in the role of Mace Tyrell does look reminiscent of the lords of Europe of old of the likes of von Bismarck.

P.S. A fantasy-themed symphonic metal song from the year when ISIS was still making great strides. Evidently, Alpenglow by Nightwish employs a key change.

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