Quite a peculiar entry. All this philosophical talk about the essence of culture is queer and unverifiable, like Jung and psychology. Hellenic thought did indeed give birth to quite a number of idealistic abominations. But calling Hellenism “stifling” and “lacking true innovation” is ignorance and hubris – its science rose to great heights, much was lost in the later Christian invasion, but sublime examples survive, such as Eratosthenes’ measurement of the Earth’s circumference, and the immortal achievement of the Antikythera mechanism (whose discovery to me is some of the most inspiring feats of man).

Conversely, there was no total triumph of science in the 19th ct., otherwise, all non-Aryans would have long been exterminated. The ideology based on science only rose its head in Europe in 1933-45.

I wonder what Vig would say about the Juche Korean culture. They write in the only non-Semitic alphabet in the world, and they sing songs of victory, and create propagandist paintings to this day to strengthen their spirit.

I don’t understand why Chechar reproduces here degenerate art by Giorgio de Chirico.

And finally, it amazes me how Westerners ever make one mistake in their writing – by placing a comma between the subject and the predicate.
> “The white European as the inventor of science, got “lobotomised” so to say…”

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