The metaphor of the blog as a bottle in cyberspace was with me when I created my blog in June 2020. It is rare for Chechar or any European racist to dignify the non-Aryan future with their attention. Whereas to my geography-inclined mind, it is quite natural to imagine the state of mind of an inquisitive Chinese a millennium from now. Long after the Star Wars films became indiscernible to the now non-Christian humanity.

I’m not sure as to the fitness of the word “evil” here. Philosophically, one might make an argument that stifling the growth of intelligent life on the planet is evil, but it’s clearly not the point here.

Demons of the mind confuse me. Irrational people without self-reflection are lemmings, normies, cattle to me, and thus irrelevant. Knowing one’s boundaries seems quite self-evident to me.

Indiscriminate love – love that does not discriminate between the living and the dead, the high and the low.

Joseph Walsh’s comment here is immaculate. I’m going to share my thoughts in that vein in another entry.

Spahn Ranch (allegedly aka Dr. Robert Morgan?) is utterly wrong. His argument is easily refuted by Richard Carrier’s book The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire (2017), available on LibGen. Making water flow upstream in the aqueducts and creating artificial fish farms speak for their religious attitude eloquently. Conversely, Italy remained Christian for a millennium, but only after rediscovering the science of antiquity did it pick up the torch of knowledge in the 16th ct. where Galen and Ptolemy had left it in the 2nd ct., effectively on the cusp of developing the scientific method themselves.

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