This blog entry is incredibly queer. I would even venture to call it schizophrenic. The Chechar of anti-psychiatry has always talked in a different, gayer, voice than the Chechar of racism, yet I have always written it off as innocent compartmentalisation, to which I am no stranger myself. And the general idea of culture as the main culprit of the Aryan suicide is sound. But here, a clear lack of hierarchy of thought can be seen. Chechar literally vilifies the healthy notion of racism! Of fidelity to one’s leader and nation! So what that the Mexicans used to eat babies? It does not follow that the Mexicans of to-day ought to hate their own blood!

As I have written in my e-mail to him, Chechar seems to side with the degenerate message of the film They Live (1988). To the contrary, as I have long posited (and as Chechar once literally agreed with me years ago), I view the mission of racists in seizing the means of propaganda and turning the masses to their cause, battling the cultural residue of Christianity where Hitler and Stalin once failed. Not in the nihilistic rejection of the state (Dr. Robert Morgan) or in the contempt for the obedience to party creeds (Chechar).

I will leave aside another clear schizophrenic trait – the close-minded, hysterical fear of the USSR and Communism. The so-called “sin” of Stalin was the salvation of his country in an existential war, where both Nicholas II before and Gorbachev after failed. But historical facts fall on deaf ears for the majority of people, the dreaded normies.

The blog entry in question:

P.S. I cannot seem to find the Carpenter’s film entry, under which our exchange happened, to prove my earlier assertion. But I will leave an exquisite set of links left from my search.

P.P.S. Incidentally, 2015-04-04 was when I had a beautiful dream, half a year before I discovered Chechar’s blog. And I see no harm in using this penname to refer to the individual César Tort, whose life I care naught about.

7 thoughts on “On Chechar’s schizophrenia

    1. This Russian is a Christcuck for not having raped and murdered his enemies himself. People like him who cannot hate are the reason our race is dead. How can one take pity on his racial enemies? To have no ire in one’s heart?

      I hope you understand me. The Russians who were able to hate did so not because of the Holocaust. The Russians took revenge on the Germans who were trying to exterminate their race and erase their civilisation. I’m not using the past perfect tense here – yes, even in 1945, it was a war for the death of Russia. Hitlerians still had plans of raising Russian traitors into armies, and developed designs of bombing Moscow power plants with Mistels.

      It is precisely the lack of hatred that spelled the doom of Russia when they spoke of their mortal enemies in vile America in gentle voices.

      And if I let the animus consume me, I will tell you that modern Russia will burn for the sins of its ancestors, for the mortal sin of not turning Germany into a barren wasteland devoid of all life for 100 years. Do you hear the steps of doom? The modern Germans have sent their agent of destruction into the heart of Moscow, and the Russians tremble in fear! The stupidity of the Christians knows no bounds. The cowards will flee to their death. The blind Kazakh Shakhnazarov says that as early as in 1989, a random judge was afraid of Voice of America.


      1. In many respects, Russians are more Christian than Americans – they have no respect for authority or civil discourse. But in America, pure Aryan virtues are used for nefarious purposes such as besmirching the name of Columbus and Hitler. This way, I become curious as to what a Rockwellian America could have looked like. Keep the cruelty and subversiveness of American wars, but don’t stop before the target nation is physically annihilated… Instead, all that barbarity leads to breeding more Iraqi children. Christians!

        Case in point – Russians can still talk about childrearing (without doing it, obviously), while it’s barely a word in English, almost an alient concept.


    1. I wouldn’t be so naïve as to believe the Galilean slander. Most of American propaganda is lies when concerning their mortal enemies.

      What is important is that the DPRK has survived such tribulations unscathed. Although truth be told, I don’t think a non-White country can truly lose, as long as America holds power. But still, they have upheld their faith under the conditions which would have ravaged Iran, let alone Russia.

      The thing I like about Juche Korea is that they do not concern themselves with foreigners, aside from a few remarks on the friendly Africans/Syrians/Cubans. To them, America is not people but unexploded bombs left in the Korean soil. No fraternisation!


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