I have revisited the station of Belarus towards oblivion – their official statistics website does provide the most recent demographic data (unlike the sketchy Worldometres). The natural change in the year 2020 seems to have been -66k, compared to -33k (2019) and -26k (2018).

I have also composed an extensive list of doubly necessary and curious links.

ACRCloud is a satisfyingly effective substitute for the now-defunct Midomi.

And to put the final letter in the abbreviation, I built a cultural meme focused to underline the similarities and the differences between the materialist ideologies of Hitlerism and Kimilsungism, using a political compass palette modified by my hand. It aims visually to depict the stark contrast between the ugliness of the dead end idealist religions and the beauty of the progressive materialist ideologies – with the difference being their relationship with non-human animals.

One thought on “On the continued extinction of Belarus – on uſeful links – on a political compass meme

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